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where do blizzards take place

No description

victoria cassidy

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of where do blizzards take place

where do blizzards take place
blizzards usually occur in the cold weather (in the winter). the areas that are mostly and greatly affected by blizzards are siberia, the great plains of canada, united states and eastern europe.
movement of people,goods and information
people- people are snowbound where ever the blizzard hits.(snowbound means you are trapped in an area).
goods- the normal flow of goods would start again when the blizzard stops and the roadways are cleared.
information- it could stop commuication systems EX. power outages, telacommuication systeam failers and disrupt traval of news media who would normaly be able to traval and see whats happening . people could not even contact 911 if there was a medical emergancy.
preparing for a blizzard you would need... water, food that is easy to prepare that does not need electricity, fully charged cell phones, flashlights, battires, candles, warm clothes, blankets, frist aid matrials/ supplies.
Interaction part 2
we have a huge advantge compared to people 150 years ago, because of our commication systems. we know about and can prepare for blizzards. people many years ago used to have to always be prepared or perish.
a blizzard is a really bad storm made up of snow.charcteristics of blizzards are low tempertures, strong winds and heavy snow.
Blizzards may occur anywhere if the conditions are right for them. Blizzards mainly occur in the northern parts of the us and canada.
fun facts!!!
1.the saskatchewan blizzard in 1945 was the worst recorded blizzard in canadian history.
2. blizzards can also occur after snowfall when high winds cause whitouts(falling snow blowing around)
3.some of the most notable blizzards happened in 1888,1978,1993 and 1996.
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