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social classes in palestine

mrs. wong theology period 5

meghan mccarty

on 26 February 2010

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Transcript of social classes in palestine

The Social Classes in Ancient Palestine
during the time of Jesus Jobs/social
status Food Clothing Housing The Lower Middle Class The upper Middle Class The high, upper class
The middle class wore much more plain clothing suitable for work. The lower class wore very
tattered, rag-like clothing. The upper class wore very
fancy, rich fabrics. The lower class would often be living outdoors and on the streets. The middle class lived in more stable homes built on dirt floors and made of clay brick. The upper class lived in grand homes. The upper class had access
to more lavish foods. The middle class had simple meals. The lower class was often scrounging for leftovers. Works Cited
By: Allyson, Meghan, Lianna, & Jenine
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