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Chunking into a paragraph

Turning your chunks into paragraphs.

Kelly Lowrance

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Chunking into a paragraph

A good body paragraph needs a topic sentence, 2-3 chunks, and a concluding paragraph
Making a chunky paragraph
Tell about a situation or event that did not turn out the way you expected. What did you learn from this and if you could change anything, what would it be?
When I applied for my first job, it was nothing
like I expected it to be.
Decide on what you are
going to write about.
There was an opening at sonic for a part-time car hop.
Now start your first chunk.
CM-I was excited because I would love seeing people and being busy.
CM- Also, I heard many car hops get tips from customers if they are friendly and helpful and this could help me buy new clothes.
Now add two sentences
of commentary.
Time for commentary. Explain why this is an important fact.
CD- I called the manager to set up the interview time for Monday; however, he informed me the job was for a night janitor.

CM- Unfortunately, I knew I would not be happy or good at that job.

CM- Not only am I horrible at cleaning, I also knew that I needed a job where I would see and be around people.
Next Chunk starts now
This situation clearly taught me to check out
the details on a job before I get too excited because I would not be good at certain jobs.
Now to wrap this paragraph up...concluding sentence
One Topic Sentence, 2 chunks, and a concluding sentence.
This Body Paragraph has...
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