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Educational Philosophies

No description

Dr. Sherri Johnson

on 2 August 2017

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Transcript of Educational Philosophies

Educational Philosophies
Constructivism in the Classroom

Humanism in the Classroom

Progressivism in the Classroom


Progressivism, Humanism, Constructivism

-Truth and goodness belong to all persons

-Teacher as learner, learner as teacher

-Education, collaborative process of clarifying

Student-Centered Philosophies



Essentialism in the Classroom

Essentialism, Behaviorism, Positivism

-Responsibility placed on the teacher

-Truth, goodness best understood by authority

-Students master and follow directions of expert

Teacher Centered-Philosophies



Positivism in the Classroom

Behaviorism in the Classroom

-Using the mind well, clear essential goals
-Apply goals to all students
-Personalized teaching and learning
-Emphasis on student as worker
-Student performance on real tasks, multiple
forms of evidence
-Principal, teacher as generalist first, specialist
-Budgets not to exceed 10 percent of traditional
-Nondiscriminatory policies and practices

Coalition of Essential Schools


-Apply philosophy to the classroom

-Use philosophy to develop ideas and govern
decisions about teaching and learning

-Clarify how curriculum, instruction, and
assessment work

-Build on the philosophies of others

The Dynamic Relationship between Philosophy and Education

step-by-step directions
a reward system
is often utilized
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