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Social Investment

Available at Prezzip.com. World Timeline prezi template. A colorful corporate template with lots of elements to visualize your company statistics and information in a stylish way.

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Transcript of Social Investment

Growing the demand for social investment
The social economy is bigger than you think...

Separate elements
New office
over here?
Information company here
The UK social investment market grew by 22% to £202m in 2011/12
Growing the supply of social investment
There are new ways to invest
Linking investors and enterprise
15% of SMEs are social
2,000,000 jobs
82% reinvested locally
There are lots of new connectors...
Provides an online market place for social investors

Social Outcomes Fund
... and the Social Investment Team is helping it do more:
Investment & Contract Readiness Fund
Social Incubator Fund
£10m support for Social Impact Bonds

£10m support for established ventures

£10m support for early stage ventures

There are 180,000 social enterprise SME employers
Social Enterprise contribute £55 billion to the economy
55% of SEs created new products compared to 43% of SMEs
... and we are working hard to fill the gaps
Social Stock Exchange
Connects listed social business with investors

Social Investment Academy
Provides information to wealth managers and IFAs on social investment
Social Investment Trade Association
Unified voice on social investment
to launch 8 April with CO support
Impact measurement tools
Cabinet Office Initiatives include Inspiring Impact and Hack for Impact

G8 social impact event
Linked investors, enterprises and experts from around the world
that link the two
that want a social and financial return
that create social impact
Threadneedle Social Bond Fund
Exchange traded fund
Can be put in an ISA
Charity Bonds
Instrument for charities to raise finance
Golden Lane Bond raised £10m for Mencap

Community Shares
Mechanism for people to own pubs, shops, pools (and Hastings Pier).
Social Investment Tax Relief
Offers 30% relief on investments
Live from 6 April

Co-mingling Fund
Enables charites and non-charities to invest together
Big Society Capital
£400m to invest with £150m committed to date

We're working to enable and encourage investment
Social investment is a global phenomenon with the UK the clear leader
Our strategy to strengthen the UK's position is to support:
First social investment tax relief
Launch 6 April
First charity bond
Scope Bond, 2012
First social impact bond
Peterbrough, 2010
First "social investment bank"
Big Society Capital, 2012
First social impact fund
Bridges Ventures, 2008
British firsts:
Social investment helps enterprises with a social impact to do more
The role of the Social Investment and Finance Team is to grow the market
Our strategy is to grow demand, grow supply and connect the two
Thank You
Rob Parker
Public services
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