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The Roman Numerals

No description

gina poblete

on 6 November 2016

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Transcript of The Roman Numerals

The Roman Numerals
Who was the group who created the achievement?
What was the reason for the creation?
What was the achievement used for and what did it achieve?
The Etruscans had a similar numerical system
The Etruscans were their former rulers for a time.
The Roman Numerals
By: Olivia Parker and Christianna Poblete

When was it created or used/ First appeared?
The Roman numerals were first used between 800 and 900 BC
The Romans needed a system to help them with their everyday life problems like...
To price goods and services easily
A basic counting method (Math)
Who was able to use it?
Only the Romans used it back in the days of ancient Rome
Originated in Rome

The Roman Numerals were used in...
a system to price goods
What impact did it have on the Roman society?
This achieved a new way for ...
This was because they were inspired by other civilizations. They created their own systems.
and simplifying the ways of trade
What impact did it have on future societies/history?

Rome's invention of the Roman Numerals was a big influence to us now. It helped us adapt to our own number systems.
We use it to...

Number chapters , faces of clocks, watches , movies, and titles
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Without the Roman Numerals, our number system would probably not be as advanced as it is now.
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