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Career Shadowing

No description

Sarah Hagerty

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing Gene Belcher
Media Specialist
Stambaugh Middle School A Media Specialist's job is very similar to a librarian's.
They work in a library, and manange all the books, magazines, and any other resources in the library. The purpose of this company is to educate students.
In the future, they hope to integrate more technology into the education process. To work there you need to have many employability skills that students need. You must be on time, you have to follow the dress code, you need to get all your work done on time, and you have to be able to follow instructions. When you are working with children you have to set a good example for them, so you have to follow the same rules they do. The average salary for a Media Specialist is $52,500 a year.
In a library they use online databases to keep track of all the books in the library, and they use computers to check books out. To be a librarian you need good organization skills.
If you are not organized, it is very hard to keep track of
everything in the library. I would not want to pursue a career with this company
because I have no interest in teaching or education. My favorite part of this job was
re-shelving books, because I like
to organize things. My least favorite part was checking books in because
it was boring and monotonous. The End Sarah Hagerty
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