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No description

Laia Segarra Barberá

on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of A WEEKEND TRIP:


laia segarra & selena albala
You wake up soon and you have breakfast, take a shower and prepare for the trip.
We start the trip to Verona, it takes an hour.
First go to Verona's theater and see its museum.
Go visit the San Zenón's church.
Afterwards, see the indoor park and its statues.
Look at the art of columns, paintings and floors.
We'll arrive at Trevisso's airport.
Take the bus and we go to Thiene
Hotel Arianne

-Town Hall
We are going to take the bus again and we're going to go to Bassano:
You will go to piazza Delle Erbe, where there is the market where you can buy souvenirs or food.

Then you could go to Ristorante Maffei to have lunch.

After the meal, you can go to the Juliet's House.
Later, you can go to the Verona Arena and its square, Piazza Bra.
Go to shops and the last monument would be the Castelvecchio.
The next monument would be the Arche Scaligere and Santa María Antica Verona.
Finally, you can go to have dinner in La Griglia.
And finally return to hotel!
-We're going to take the bus.

-We'll need to take the
vapporeto to arrive
at THE MOST EMBLEMATIC place of Venice.
Puente de los Suspiros
Plaza San Marco
-Have lunch in the
Ristoranti Quadri
Mercado di Rialto
Puente de Cristal
Return to the hotel with the bus and then we're going to the airport.
And you return at home!
Go to Italy!
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