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The Seven Life Processes

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Fiona Anstey

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of The Seven Life Processes

The Seven Life Processes MRS GREN Mrs Gren is a way of remembering
the seven life processes, each letter standing for a different life process. In this presentation, you will find out what each of the letters stands for. Every living organism is able to do the following things, otherwise they would not be classed as
living organisms. Only as organisms. M and R The M in MRS stands for movement. If an organism cannot move, it isn't alive. Just like plants and
animals. Plants move to face the direction of the
sun. Animals and humans move to catch prey, eat, drink, walk and swim. The R stands for respiration.
A living organism needs to be able to respire. In an animal's case, that means breathing. In the case of a
plant, that means getting rid of carbon dioxide. R and E The R in GREN represents the fifth life process,
which is reproduction. All living Organisms must be able to create offspring. The E stands for excretion, meaning a plant or animal's way of getting rid of waste. If the living organism cannot rid itself of waste, then the body would become clogged and filled with unneeded waste. S and G The S at the end of MRS represents
sensitivity. Anything living must be able to
know and be sensitive about its surroundings. The G in the beginning of GREN stands for
growth. All plants and animals have the ability ti grow. How much or little the plant or animal grows is up to the type of species it is. The Final letter, N The last letter, N stands for nutrition. A plant
needs sunlight and water to produce chlorophyll,
and an animal needs food and water to survive.
Using these, the animal makes energy, which
powers the body and helps the animal to hunt for
prey and/or to run from predators.

By Fiona Anstey
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