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Allstars 2014-2015

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Polio

Types of Polio
One type of polio is sub-clinical and 95% of people with polio get this.Another type is non-paralytic and it afects the central nervious system(brain and spinal core).The last type of polio is paralytic.There are 3 types of paralytic polio.One is spinal polio which infects the spine,the next one is bulbar polio and it infects the brain stem and the last one is bulbospinal polio which infects the brainstem and spine.
People without running water or flushing toilets are more likely to get polio
The most common treatments are rest,painstopers,anti-biotics,portable ventalaters,phisical therapy,corrective braces,heating pads and wheelchairs.There is no cure for polio.
Anyone living with a person that has polio will get polio.A pregnant woman and young children with weak ammune systems are more likely to get polio.
As a young aged kid,you shoud always get a polio vaccination but rarely the shot can cause mild or serevere reactions like breathing problems,high fever,dizziness,hives,swelling of the throat,and rapid heart beat.
Some of the symtoms for polio is fever,sore throat,headache,back pain or stiffness,neck pain,and pain in the arms or legs.
be careful
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