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Blood Diamonds

No description

tate karnes

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Blood Diamonds

Blood Diamonds Blood Diamonds
or conflict diamonds
are used in most african
civil wars in Sierra Leone,
Angola,The Democratic Republic
of the Congo,Liberia,Zimbabwe,
and Côte d'Ivoire which means Ivory Coast. The issue is people smuggle illegal diamonds into other countries. The diamonds are used as funding for the african countries millitary and the rebels weapons and supplys. Mining Blood Diamonds Diamonds are mined in big open
pits the civillians are forced by military
groups to dig the diamonds the people dont have machinery to dig the diamonds
they only use shovels and there hands Future of the people of africa they will have a hard time rebuilding there lives after the terrible events that the blood diamonds caused and the family that they lost because of the diamonds. what is being done what is being done there is a program called the kimberly process which supports the legal buy of diamonds and the fair treatment of mining diamonds as a job not slavery. Amputees in africa what is being done there is a program called the kimberly process which supports the legal trade of diamond and fair treatment of the miners as a job not slavery. Some people in africa cannot forget the things that happend to them during the civil wars some people live without there arms hands feet and legs the reason why is because the rebels wanted to show the government they had the power. america affected? blood diamonds affect america and the whole world. blood diamonds make up about two thirds of the worlds diamond sales. that is bad because the diamond sales help fuel civil war and creates slaves to mine the diamonds that the world buys.
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