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Great Comic Characters in Drama/Literature

No description

Zach Crosson

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Great Comic Characters in Drama/Literature

Joker: From the comics "batman"
-Used dark humor
-Dresses as a clown that finds joy out of other peoples pain.
- from "The importance of being earnest"
-Shows humor with irony in the story
By Zach Crosson
Great Comic Characters in Drama/Literature
from "Taming of the shrew"
-Lowers katherina's self esteem in a humorous way.
Don Quixote-
From "don Quixote"
-His delusions add a comedic sense to the book
Barbara Undershaft
From "Major Barbara"
-She mocks religious hypocrisy and complicity of society
Gregers Werle
From "Wild Duck"
-Gregers has a compulsion to tell the truth at all costs
Cyrano de Bergerac
-From "Cyrano de Bergerac"
-type of comedy used is irony
-Even through Cyrano loved Roxanne he still tried helping Christian talk to her
Dr Mathildevon Zahnd
-From "The physicists"
-Playful comedy
-Dr Mathildevon Zahnd and some other doctors pretend to be insane so they would get into an insane isylum.
-From " A midsummer nights dream"
-Playful humor
-Puck is constantly playing pranks on morals throughout the story
Felix Krull
-From the confession of Felix Krull, confidence man"
-Felix tries to get people to like him by doing everything they tell him to do.
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