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Bering and Wells Potential Outcomes

In a Post 4.15: Instinct World

Fiitd Contact

on 20 April 2014

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Transcript of Bering and Wells Potential Outcomes

In a Post-4.15: Instinct World

as of April 10, 2014

Bering and Wells'
Potential Outcomes

What Does This Mean?
Arguably, nothing. There's not enough facts to know whether this is good or bad. Yes, there may be some disappointment that Bering and Wells will not be canonically a couple by the show's close, but this does not mean a bad ending is ensured. Nor does it mean a good ending is assured either. We also do not know the context of the Pyka kiss or how their relationship will develop.
1) Pyka becomes canon

Reason this is good
Reasons this is bad
It's not.
It's completely contradictory to both Pete and Myka's storylines that they have any romantic interest in one another
This kills Bering and Wells (at least, as to canon), relegating it to a fun/flirty friendship and nothing more
It will feel forced and cliched - Pyka becomes 1 of a million couples where the two attractive leads eventually end up together - presumably just to provide a "happy ending" for the show
2) Myka is in a relationship with someone else
(not Pete)
Reason this is good
It's not.
Reasons this is bad
It's not plausible. With 6 episodes left in the series total, for the show to have someone enter into Myka's life, creating enough of a connection where the audience would care about the couple - very, very unlikely and transparently rushed
Reinforces anti-feminist, antiquated idea that a woman, or a person in general, needs to be in a relationship to have a "happy ending"
It goes against the show's premise - time and time again, the show has stated that the characters do not have time for a relationship or that it isn't about romance, so to force one in the end for Myka would be contrary to her character's own nature and the show's stated philosophy about its underlying themes
3) Myka is not in a relationship
Reasons this is good
Reasons this is bad
Show avoids cliched and antiquated idea that a woman, or a person in general, needs to be in a relationship to have a "happy ending"
More consistent with Myka's character and the show's repeated mantra that it isn't about romantic relationships, but about family
If she's not with H.G., it makes sense that she wouldn't be in a relationship vs. being with Pete or someone else
Leaves the door open to interpretation that Bering and Wells could eventually become a reality
Doesn't kill/explicitly end Bering and Wells, as to the show's canon
Show never explicitly acknowledges Bering and Wells (never canon) - though, there still could be some kind of acknowledgment outside of them just being together
Likelihood of Each Scenario
(in my estimation - which is admittedly meaningless)
Scenario 1: Pyka Becomes Canon
Scenario 1: Pyka Becomes Canon
Evidence in Support
Since the Warehouse 13 pilot aired, the potential for Pyka has hung above the show like some ominous cloud
Some people want it to rain, pray it will rain, and forecast its inevitability
Some people don't want it to rain, believe it has not rained for a reason, and are waiting to wake up one morning with that cloud gone (while lovingly gazing at a very sassy British cloud nearby)
Sometimes, these two groups of people kick each other's lawn furniture and get in street fights
Evidence Against
It directly conflicts with the show's canon (e.g., 3.03: Love Sick)
Pyka is a ship without the actors as captains. Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly have both stated their desires that Pyka not become a romantic reality. At best, they said it is possible and did not explicitly oppose it (when referring to the "what if" scenario of Pyka, Kelly stated that sometimes people have sex, it doesn't mean they're in love - that's not captain talk and that's not how she talks about Bering and Wells)
It hasn't happened yet for a reason
It contradicts Jack Kenny's repeated mantra that this show wasn't like the others; it's not about romantic relationships; it's about family
2) Myka is in a relationship with someone else (not Pete)
Evidence in Support
Evidence Against
Tons of shows feel the need to put people in relationships to give them a "happy ending"
If the show wanted her in a relationship, all the reasons listed for why Pyka is not likely would technically support this potential scenario
The entire show
There's only 6 episodes left - highly unlikely and not believable that a substantive relationship for Myka is going to be created in the precious little time the show has left to focus on all the regular characters (and no, don't even mention hockey player d-bag, or Kurt "booty call" Smoller to me)
It contradicts Jack Kenny's statement about relationships and the show
3) Myka is not in a relationship
Evidence in Support
Consistent with the show's statement about what the show is
Consistent with Joanne Kelly's view of her character (Kelly has always spoken of how happy she is that Myka was not some supporting/peripheral character whose identity was based off of a relationship - whether it be romantic or otherwise. Myka doesn't need a romantic relationship to make her interesting or complex or worthy of a storyline/screen time. She's enough as it is.)
Nothing really, other than the tendency for all shows to put characters into relationships for a "happy ending"
What We Know At This Point
Myka Bering will survive ovarian cancer

H.G. Wells returns

Dr. Kelly Hernandez (Pete's ex from season 2) returns

The Less Good
Bering and Wells "will not be walking hand in hand into the sunset." (presumably will not be canon)

Pyka will kiss and their relationship will "develop" in some way

H.G.'s return will be "brief"
H.G. Kickers
Regardless of Myka's situation, with H.G. returning, this has the potential to be very good or very bad.
The Good
As usual, it all depends.
Scenario 2: Myka is in a relationship with someone else (not Pete)
Scenario 3: Myka is not in a relationship
Being as objective as I can be (which is not a lot at all), there have been moments between Pete and Myka that could be interpreted as something other than non-platonic/non-sibling-y
The reality is that there is a legitimate portion of the Warehouse 13 audience who would like to see Pyka become canon; and there is a legitimate portion of the Warehouse 13 audience who would not
The show is, in many ways, about Pete and Myka's story together. They came in together. Those kids are leaving together - in some way, shape, or form.
When asked what he hoped Myka and Pete's relationship would be at the show's close, McClintock joked that it would be Pyka in bed together. If the show was heading that direction, and seemingly wanted Pyka to be seen as a legitimate couple, I cannot envision McClintock (and Kenny also) openly mocking that possibility when the finale is already set in stone. (But that may be just my reading of that conversation - July 3, 2013 SciFi Vision Interview)

Most feasible option with the time remaining - there's arguably only two people who could be proposed as non-ridiculous romantic options for Myka at this point: Pete and H.G. The reasons Pyka are not likely have been stated, and even with H.G. returning, with 6 episodes left, it is very unlikely that Bering and Wells could have been made official without it being rushed/not believable.
Does not conflict with Pyka or Bering and Wells canon

Evidence Against
Why we should be positive
H.G. Wells returns - after all of the debate, turmoil, feelings, etc. that 4.15: Instinct provided - we have a chance for clarity; we have a chance for redemption (also more devastation, but as H.G. says in 2.10: Where and When - "hoping not"); and at the end of the day, we get Jaime Murray back on our screens

H.G. Scenario 3: No Bering and Wells interaction
Akin to 4.07: Endless Wonder and 4.08: Second Chance (Huh? - also, please Lord, no.)
H.G. Scenario 2: Not with Nate and Adelaide - snapped out of the 4.15: Instinct funk
We see H.G. return to her true self and hopefully find some true peace and happiness (Yay!)
H.G. Scenario 1: Still with Nate and Adelaide - and happy about it
Could be potentially brought back to convince Myka to leave the Warehouse and have what she has. (Oh Lord, no.)
Not every guest star on the show (or every storyline for that matter) could be squeezed into the final 6 episodes; we get the one we wanted - the one who's rooting for us
It also increases the likelihood that the Bering and Wells fandom's interpretation of 4.15: Instinct may be validated
Refutes H.G.'s "happy ending"
H.G.'s character ends true to herself
Myka's actions and statements from 4.15 are vindicated and contextualized
The Hope
Best case scenario:
H.G. returns to her true self
Myka walks off into the sunset (neither dead, evil, or crazy), happy and in an open-ended way - with or without the Warehouse

The show ends on its own terms - For a while this season, we were just praying the show would not be cancelled. We were given a blessing, a somewhat mixed one, but still a blessing in a final season, allowing the show to end on its own terms, though certainly on a timeline that was not necessarily its choosing.
If we had not received it, 4.15: Instinct would likely be the last we see of Bering and Wells (life-scarring) and Myka's life is (presumably) left hanging in the balance for all eternity (also life-scarring)

One more wish: Some kind of explicit acknowledgment of Myka and H.G.'s feelings for one another - doesn't have to be a grand promise to be together or some dramatic confession - just a simple acknowledgment of the special relationship they share with one another
At the end of the day, both Myka Bering and H.G. Wells are extraordinary characters in their own right and each deserves a respectful, character-consistent ending that is not judged as "good" or "bad" based upon their relationship status - with each other or anyone for that matter.
An open-ended conclusion is consistent with the show's stated premise and allows the fandom to do what it has always done:
let the show live on in an extraordinarily rich universe of possibilities.

Paula Garces, who played Pete's girlfriend and almost-"the one" during season 2, is slated to appear in the final season of Warehouse 13. No word yet on how many episodes or the reason for the return, but it will have to somehow relate to her and Pete's history at the very least.
Joanne Kelly confirmed in an
interview at Comic Con 2013 that
Pete and Myka's relationship will
"develop" and something will happen
that will be "very interesting between
the two of them."
At the 2013 Dragoncon, the show played a clip showing Pete and Myka kissing and a March 25, 2014 preview of the final season features Myka and Pete having a potentially post-getting-together type of discussion
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