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Should Britain legalise euthanasia? EPQ

No description

Finian O'Malley

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Should Britain legalise euthanasia? EPQ

Should Britain legalise euthanasia?
Right to Autonomy
Stop unnecessary suffering
Euthanasia happens anyway
Would your view change if it was you or your family?

Majority of doctors oppose euthanasia
Detract from patient-doctor trust
Doctors are there to improve lives, not end them
Slippery slope
Discourage investment in palliative care
Expose vulnerable people to abuse

Were my goals achieved?
Achieved my desired final outcome of a conclusion
Found many arguments for/ against euthanasia
Used lots of varied sources
Found an exclusive source
Could have talked to some pro/anti-euthanasia campaigners

Self Evaluation-Strengths
Source finding and evaluating
Time management
Critical self evaluation and editing
Interview skills

Self Evaluation-Weaknesses
Writing fluidly first time
Writing in an academic tone
Keeping to original plan
Using the library

Would you vote to legalise Euthanasia?
“eu” means good, “thanatos” means death

Deliberately killing someone at their own request due to disability, a terminal illness or insufferable pain.

Is currently illegal in Britain


Plan vs Final project
Fairly detailed plan, helpful to direct my work
Some of the original plan irrelevant
Made some changes after interviewing Dr Deborah Bowman
Frequently changed my mind about what to conclude
I think that euthanasia should be legalised in Britain
Has been shown to be effective
Strict safeguards to protect patients

I have vastly improved my writing skills
I have learnt a new skill through interviewing

Thank you for listening, does anyone have a question?
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