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the who

No description

Jenna The Goalie

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of the who

what are canoes made of?
You might ask what canoes are made of. Well they are made out of birch bark. Somtimes they are even made out of elm or cedar trees. The canoes are made for rowing in streams, rivers, and lakes. Birch bark is the better choice because it is lightweight and smooth. Birch bark was also waterproof. It is the best bark for building a canoe
Canoes of the Native Americans
Canoes are boats made by native americans years ago, they have developed over thousands of years by the native americans. the word canoe, which was originally kenu, means dugout. These boats were strong enough to travel from island to island.
My name is Jenna and this is my partner Katie. Today we will be talking to you about the native american's main transportation, the canoe.
This is a canoe,
What Is A Canoe
What are Canoes Made for?
There are two types of canoes, the k-boat
or kayak, which is usally meant for one
person, and the second type of boat which is usally more traditional, the c-boat or canadian, which is usally 17ft long and meant for two people.
What are Canoes Made For
Canoes are made for racing and getting from place to place. Canoes were also used for fishing, and were sometimes made special for storing the fish.
Thank you for listening to our canoe presentation. We hope you liked it.
Canoes took the shape of a hollowed out log

Canoes are still used now, even by Mr.cooper
Today we wil be talking about
drumroll please...
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