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Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing project

Ellie Tucker

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Mitchell's Coffee House Purpose of the company? To provide people with delicousfood and drink, and an atmosphere that is enjoyablefor all ages Where will this company be in
15 years? It will still be in the same
place, maybe owned by a different
person, and with some improvments but
not much will change. what employability skills are
needed to work for this company? Must be able to think on your feet,
multitask, resourceful, people person,
fast learner, and paticence. Average salary and education needed to work there? 5.00 to 6.00 dollars an hour
plus tips, and a education of a
person still in college Tehcnology used in this job? Machinery, cash register, creditcard
machine, ice crusher, coffee brewer Skills needed for this job? They must follow instructions,
dress appropriately (were an
appron). Would you prosue a career? Yes I would, but more so
as a Summer job What did you like the best? I liked when I gto to
make and pour coffee, also
when i got to make my moms
hot chocolate. What did you like the least? I didn't like in the beginning when
I had to work the register. It was hard to learn and not much fun. THE END
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