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Descriptive Writing Essential Vocabulary

8 vocabulary words students need to know to be successful on the descriptive writing assessment

Jennifer Szymanski

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Descriptive Writing Essential Vocabulary

Descriptive Writing Essentials DEFINITION: Expository (non-narrative) Writing that clarifies, details, or modifies an object, person, or event being described. Descriptive writing paints a picture in the reader's mind. Descriptive Writing
Purpose Example: detailed
vivid The moon hung above the ocean like a disco ball, and its rays grooved and swayed on the water to the rhythm of the clapping waves. Non-example Imagery noun Definition: Descriptions meant to create a visual or mental picture, or descriptions that appeal to the senses. Other Forms: images imagine imagination Example: "One of his eyes resembled that of a vulture--a pale blue eye, with a film over it. Whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran cold..." Poe Non example: It was night. Organization noun Definition:
An orderly or logical arrangement of ideas or objects. Synonyms: arrangement structure grouping Other forms: organize
organizing Example: Intro, body, conclusion Descriptive Writing is: A towering older man rushed into the
beauty salon screaming, "Give me all your money!" His stringy, graying, shoulder length hair crept out from beneath his fitted black stocking cap as he wildly waved his knife at the clerk. Demanding the clerk to move faster, his angular jaw and cheekbones stabbed the air as angrily as his weapon. The clerk desperately thrust a handful of crumpled bills at the burglar, who swiped the money and stuffed it into the front pocket of his torn and faded blue jeans. The clerk, her heart thumping loudly in her chest, caught a glimpse of the back of the man's gray hoodie, seven large red letters spelling "Schultz", as he slid into a yellow U-Haul and sped away. How does one "paint a picture" in the reader's mind?
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