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The Outsiders Symbols

No description

Ashley Martinez

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of The Outsiders Symbols

-Sunrise/Sunset: This symbolizes that people no matter what social class are all the same, it represents their unity and connection.
-Greaser hair: Their hair symbolizes the close knit gang they have, it also represents their pride in who they are as people.
-The Blue Mustang: The blue mustang symbolizes pain and suffering that will be brought down by the Socs onto the Greasers.
-Bobs Rings: The rings symbolize the physical power the Socs have over the Greasers. It also represents the Socs having more resources and wealth.
-Gold: Gold symbolizes the purity,innocence, and goodness of people.
-Eye color of characters: The eye color of the characters represent how Ponyboy portrays them, how he feels about the characters.
-Cigarettes: Cigarettes represent their serenity facing death every where they go.
-Dally's jacket: Dally's jacket symbolizes friendship and protection.
-Gun: It symbolizes that the greasers stick together and will sacrifice themselves for their loved ones.
The drive in theater: The drive in theater represents a safe haven where both Greasers and Socs could co-exist and be in harmony.
-Church: The church symbolizes a place where Ponyboy and Johnny will be safe and won't be persecuted.
-Gone With the Wind: The book symbolizes the comfort of knowledge and sympathy that both Johnny and Ponyboy love to confine in.
-Chocolate: Chocolate represents comfort after something tragic happening.
The Outsiders Symbols
By: Ashley Martinez
-Soda's horse: The horse symbolizes their (greasers) yearning to be free and be able to do anything without being afraid.
-Blade: The blade symbolizes the fear the greasers go through everyday, it also symbolizes themselves because they like to seem tough without having to hurt someone or something.
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