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Dancing Our Way through Philosophical Paradigms

No description

Chloe Bolyard

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Dancing Our Way through Philosophical Paradigms

Dancing Our Way Through
Philosophical Paradigms

Positivism: Giselle
Emphasis on structure, symmetry, and perfection of the technique.
Minimum audience/dancer interaction.
Fixed, linear, “acted” plots
Seasons March
Uses fixed movements to represent symbolic meaning of the four seasons.
Acknowledges limited observation angles through camera lens.
Less precise aesthetic language than classical ballet.
Rite of Spring
Based on pagan rituals (ethnography)
Solos = personal expression
Rituals = dances in unison
Critical Theory:
Sadeh 21
Tension between males and females, groups and individuals
"Proper" ways of being, conventions
Choreographer as authority figure
Scream: a call for change
Breaks traditional conventions
Absence of the "fourth wall"
Deconstruction of subject/object
Dan Mamlok
Yue Li
Chloe Bolyard
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