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Too Many Colleges are Still in Denial about Alcohol Abuse

No description

Katie Mize

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Too Many Colleges are Still in Denial about Alcohol Abuse

-Addresses argument from multiple points of view
-Refutes possible opposing views
-Gives reasonable explanations for his ideas
-Explains in detail the issue, which is obviously well researched, and suggests solutions to the issue

-Appeals to both students & parents
-"We recommend a weekend tour, beginning on Thursday night..."
-Addresses consequences of drinking
-Relates to situations many college students face
"Colleges have a serious problem with alcohol abuse among students, and it's not getting any better."
"Perhaps the second-largest problem in campus life is that many colleges are still in denial, just as many family members who live with alcohol abusers are."
-Obviously against alcohol abuse
-Very well composed argument
-Acknowledges the fact that drinking itself is not bad but becoming an alcohol abuser is

-Very Persuasive
-Appealing to both parents & college students
-Appeals to Ethos, Logos, & Pathos
-Convincing tone & Compelling Argument

Too Many Colleges are Still in Denial about Alcohol Abuse
Expansion upon his Thesis
-starts off as a summary
-Then analyzes the situation from multiple points of view using examples, explanations, and statistics
-Effective and Compelling
"We should stress that our concern is with students' alcohol abuse---the drinking of amounts large enough to create problems for the drinker or for others around him/her."
"The crux of the problem is the behavior of the drinker, not the quantity of alcohol consumed"
-Large amount of Statistics
-Sources: Carnegie Foundation, Harvard University, New York Times, Journal of the American Medical Association, Southern Illinois institute, American Council on education
-Relates Facts to students
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