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Year 11 PE assignment on FIGUEROA`S Framework

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Alec Steptoe

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Year 11 PE assignment on FIGUEROA`S Framework

FIGUEROA`S FRAMEWORK Exercise, sport and physical activity play an important role in many peoples lives. FIGUEROA`S framework is a series of levels that explain certain factors in society that influence a persons involvement and participation in sport, exercises and physical activities. Each of us has a different race, gender, social class, and particular characteristics. These differences determine the advantages and disadvantages in the various opportunities that we are offered in our lifetime. The most relevant level is the interpersonal level which has a greater effect on the majority of society. - At the age of 9, I completed squad and went on to continue in training for advanced swimmers at the spring wood aquatic center. How factors from the interpersonal level effect my participation in swimming and lifesaving Throughout my schooling there have been numerous opportunities to participate in swimming activities. Such are:
- Swimming carnivals
- PE Being able to become a strong swimmer also gave me confidence in what i did and was able to participate in most competitions and feel achievement. From a very young age of 3 my parents started me in swimming lessons because they would enjoy going out fishing in the boat we owned and camping to the beach, and so it was essential that I knew how to swim. - Apart from my more scheduled life of swimming I would also swim in the surf when Taken to the beach and also in the estuaries that we would go fishing in and in our pool at home. Other Swimming and lifesaving opportunities. The Interpersonal level mainly consists of our relationships with others, such as our -peers

Also these relationships affect the access and equity to exercise, sport, and physical activities. Although this level can delve even more deeper into our personal self as our
about difference can also effects our access and equity. The Interpersonal level What is FIGUEROA`S Framework How my relationships helped give access to swimming. Being able to advance my skills Due to the care and consideration of my parents I was able to attend swimming lesson which now serve me well in life and even through my schooling. Other motivations Swimming at school Lifesaving at school Other motivations that have helped me to pursue my swimming lifestyle is the idea of fitness. this is very much broadcasted through media and schools. And having grown up in a very active family it has become a normal ideal that being fit and athletic are acceptal in society today. There are quite a few opportunities at school to learn lifesaving. This is mainly through the core subject PE. during year 10 and 11 the students are taken to the local pool and taught lifesaving skills. Support Access Lack of Barriers Due to the Support from my family and peers, I always had opportunites to swim and my parents and friends would always encourage anything I wanted to take on. With the local pool a few streets from my home, I was always able to practice my stroke and work on my fitness most days when I had fre time. With lots of encouragement from my family, friends and peers, plus easy access to proper competition length swimming pools there were not many barriers stoping me from achieving my goal level of skill and fitness. Through the evaluation of my swimming/lifesaving lifestyle with the help of Figueroa`s framework, I have been able to deduct that due to continuous support from family, friends and peers, along with easy access to resources, and motivation from factors such as the media and friendly competition from school, my swimming/lifesaving lifestyle is very opportunistic Conclusion Thanks For Watching
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