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Time Line: The Road to Chlifa

No description

Rui Dai

on 24 November 2015

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Transcript of Time Line: The Road to Chlifa

Time line
The Road to Chlifa

Karim's parents and his best friend Bechir left Beirut . Karim decided to stay because he thought leaving is a cowardly act. Beacause of this, Karim had a heated argument with Bechir.
And there is an another important reason for him to stay -- Nada, a prefect girl and Karim loves her. Then he kissed her when his 17th birthday.
By: Rui Dai
“The Road to Chlifa”, written by Michele Marineau, is a novel about a young boy named Karim. When Karim was only three years old, the war burst out. Under this unstable situation, Karim starts his adventure and tries to resist the unfair fate.
Nada lost her life in a bombing accident. It is a horrible day for Karim. He stood in front of Nada's house, there is nothing in front of him but a smashed skeleton, blown to pieces. Karim was shocked and fell into sorrow.
The only survivals are Maha, Nada's sister, and her baby brother Jad. Maha decided to go to Chlifa and invited Karim to go with her. At first, Karim didn’t like Maha because he thought Maha didn’t care about Nada and her family anymore and she is cold-blooded.When Karim found a picture of Maha’s family in her bag, he knew Maha cared about her family and felt sorry about Maha.
Then he decided to go to Chlifa with Maha and protect her.
Karim and Maha crossed the border of two parts of the city with the help from Karim's uncle Antoine Milad. Antoine Milad gave them a map and supports. He drived them as possible as he could to the north.
Antoine Milad sent Karim and Maha near Nahr el-Kelb. Then Maha and Karim started their journey -- walk to Chlifa.They had to avoid all main roads, and traveled inside the mountains and forests.
Karim and Maha caught a goat and Maha named her as Black Beard. The Black Beard brought much of happiness to their boring walking and climbing.

It's a dark night, caused by one carelessness, "Black Beard" escaped form them. Unfortunately, a bomb blow her up. Maha was so upset about that and kept depressed since then.
Black Beard
The goat is stubborn and impulsize, just like Maha. The goat "Black Beard " symbolized Maha and other innocent victims in the war.
Also, the goat symbolized hope and freedom
After a long walking, Karim and Maha were near the top of the mountain. Karim wanted to climb upper and take a look at this country, leaving Maha and Jad below. On the top of the moutain , Karim found he had felt in love with Maha. But he went back, Maha was found to be murdered. Karim lost his love again. Regert and despair filled up Karim's mind and his heart is completely broken.
Karim carried Maha's body and the baby Jad to Chlifa. But he found that the person they were looking for had died six months ago. He buried Maha under a juniper tree. His heard was buried with her
After Karim lost two loves, he moved to Montreal. When he first came to school, he isolated himself and showed coldness to classmates. He hated the school. He hated the city. He hated the his life. He hated everything and lost the goal of his life

During a field trip, Karim saved a girl named My-Lan and he hurt badly. After a period, in the hospital, Karim woke up. He was upset that he did not die.
Karim received care from My-Lan in the following few days, till he was able to back to home. During these days, My-Lan told him her story. Karim knew My-Lan was from a country in war just like where he is from. Karim found he is not lonely in this city.
Thanks for Listening
An important datail
Antoine gave Maha a postcard with an unicorn on it. Maha loved the postcard because she loved unicorn and she still believed there are unicorns in the world.
From this, we can see Maha was just a little girl and she is not as cold-blooded as she showed to people.
Unicorn symbolized the hope and pure.

Finally, Karim found new goals and the meaning of the life and became more optimistic by My-Lan's help. Also, he finished 21-things list he liked in Montreal.
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