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"Traveling Through the Darkness"

No description

deborah dickie

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of "Traveling Through the Darkness"

Jan 17,1914 - Aug 28,1993
"Traveling Through the Dark"
Written by William Stafford
Presented by Deborah Dickie
48 years old
William Stafford
William was an American Poet
Graduated from University of Kansas in 1937 with a B.A. and in 1947 with a M.A.

Wrote 22,000 Published 3,000

"Someday Maybe" 1973
"Brother Wind" 1986
"West of your City" 1960
Daily journal for 50 years
Library of Congress

Twentieth Consultant in Poetry
Poet Laureate of Oregon
Written in 1962
Pastoral work of Literature
Do you find this to be cold and graphic/best for nature
After dark traveler spots dead deer on the road
Best to roll off
Due to narrow roads
What are the RISK with leaving the deer

Our deer is with fawn
Our fawn is still warm and alive
Should I help?
Remove the fawn?

What would you do?

Crude roadside C-section?

What will become of the fawn once it is removed?

Let nature run it's course?

Continue on your journey
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