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Marching Band

A detailed profile of those weird kids on the football field

Zachary Bennett

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Marching Band

A detailed profile of those weird
kids on the football field MARCHING BAND It all began with the ancient musicians of the city states.

Traveling performers were adopted into military systems to keep up the spirit of the troops and give recognizeable military commands in battle. Ever hear a bugle call?

Military brass bands were established in Britain and the United States, evolved from fife and drum corps from the early 1700s.

Novelty outpaced necessity and most bands were phased out of regular service. They are now a ceremonial piece of history in the military tradition.

Modern marching bands still use recognizeable military commands. For Heaven's Sake, why? Because the purpose of a band is to march in lines together on a football field, bands will use the traditional "8 to 5" step. Eight even steps over 5 yards, or between two yard lines on the field. (22.5 inches, for all you math geeks)

Bands also use traditional military commands: Attention, Parade Rest, At Ease, Dress Center, etc.
Commands promote UNIFORMITY. The Fundamentals The Greatest marching bands on Earth, in competition for fame, glory, and big, shiny trophies.... "Marching Band's Major League" Bring the Noise.... Instrumentation!! . "Ohio's Pride"
The University of Akron Marching Band 2012 One does not simply "do" marching band. You have to live it. My Feelings on being in a Marching band.... Military Bands - some form of high step

Show Bands - high or "chair" step

Corps/Competition Bands - roll or glide step Styles of Step . . Because modern marching bands are about putting on a show, there are several "auxiliary" options utilized.

These Include:

Majorettes/Feature Twirlers


and oh so many ridiculous props.... Some other features.... But that's not all! Several bands, particularly bands in the Deep South where tradition is stronger, will use additional instruments like piccolo trumpets, bass clarinets, baritone saxophones, slung snare drums and more!

Many Competition bands will use a front ensemble of pitched percussion instruments and those that cannot be marched, known as a "Pit."

All of these variable intruments depend on location of band and the type of sound that the director is looking to achieve.
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