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Boris Henriquez

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of DAOISM

Lao Tzu was a record keeper from the Imperial Court.
Teachings of Daoism
Daoism is a "way" or "path" of living
Daoism had 20,000 followers.
The Spread of Daoism
Daoism was spread across China, Korea, and some countries in South Asia.
Holy Space for Daoism
A sacred place is always created before a ritual begins.
Topic 7
Problems of Daoism
They believed that any illness was caused due to one's missdeeds.
Lao Tzu was born in the Zhou Dynasty.
He was born in 604 B.C. and died in 531 B.C
His name Lao Tzu means "Old Sage" or "Old Man"
He was an author of the "Tao-Te-Ching" a book in which he expresses his thoughts.
Daoism is also know as Taoism
Daoism is the force that existed before all other thing.
Daoism teaches that a person should leave things alone and let nature take its course.
A person should not manipulated others but find their own path through the teaching of Daoism.
They think that through nature and the "path" China can live in harmony and peace.
They believe religion should free you, to be free from reality.
They appreciate beauty, recognize wisdom, and knowledge without discussing it.
Daoism follower originated from China, the Chinese Culture.
Followers traveled to spread the philosophy
Daoism wasn't spread until after Lao Tzu's death after 531 B.C.
Daoisn hasn't really spread much from South Asia, but it's students still teach the dicipline of it.
Rituals can take place outdoors or inside a temple.
A sacred space should always have four sides like a squre, to represent North, South, East, West.
The sacred space has an altar and was divided into an inner and outter space. North was inner and South was outter.
Wealth and one's physical health was a sign of purity in your soul.
To cure an illness you have to confess and purged ones sin's
Daoism or Taoism
Daoism was a chinese philosophy based on the writings of of Lao Tzu, advocating humility and religious piety.
Mini Quiz
1. Who was the founder of Daoism?
Daoism was also spread through the book written by Lao Tzu named Tao Te Ching
2. What was the title of the book he wrote?
3. How many people followed the philosophy of Daoism?
4. Where was Daoism mostly spread?
5. What was the teaching of Daoism?
A. Confucious B. Lao Tzu
C. Shang Yang D. Zhou Yu
A. Tao Te Ching B. Laws of Legalism
C. Virtue Ethics D. legalism vs. Faith
A. 4,000,000 B. 200,000
C. 20,000 D. 90,000
A. South Asia B. North America
C. Japan D. Middle East
A. Harsh punishments make better people
B. Harmony with nature
C. Correct behavior brings stability
D. People where born evil
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