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Allusions, Epithets, & Epic Similes

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Samantha Morris

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Allusions, Epithets, & Epic Similes

Allusions, Epithets, & Epic Similes
Have Some Review:
Allusion - a reference to something in literature, history, myth, religion, art, sports, etc. Usually used to draw a comparison.

Epithet - a brief phrase that points out traits associated with a particular person or thing.
Odysseus as "master strategist."
Allusions engage the reader and will often help the reader remember the message or theme of the passage.

Allusions allow the writer to give an example or get a point across without going into a lengthy discourse.
Epithets of this type tell you where a person's from.

Family Ties:
These identify familial relationships, particularly between father and offspring. Epithets that link a person to his or her father are known as patronymics, or names taken from one's paternal figure.

Personal Attributes:
These kinds of epithets are used when describing either physical or personality characteristics.

Achievement or Ability:
These epithets remind people of another's accomplishments.

This sort of epithet tells us what a person does on a regular basis or for a living.
Something New: Epic Similes
Epic Simile:
also known as a Homeric simile, is an elaborate comparison that may extend for several lines. Epic similes may use the words
like, as, just as, or so
to make the comparison.
“Her mind in torment,
wheeling like some lion at bay, dreading the gangs of hunters closing their cunning ring around him for the finish.

Odysseus uses an epic simile on page 1217 to describe the fallen tree from which he creates the weapon used to blind the Cyclops.

“And it was
like a mast a lugger of twenty oars, broad in the beam -- a deep-sea-going craft – might carry:
so long, so big around, it seemed"
My mom was being a
the other day
and wouldn't give me any money to go to the mall.
He was a real
with the ladies.
Examples of Epithets
Alexander the Great
Artemis the Huntress
Achilles, son of Peleus
Hermes, Slayer of Argos
Hephaestus the Lame
Odysseus, resourceful, man of many resources, of many turns, man of twists and turns, much-enduring, great-hearted, sacker of cities, wise, loved of Zeus, great glory of the Achaeans, master mariner, mastermind of war, hotheaded, man of action, the great teller of tales,man of exploits, man of pain, that kingly man, the hero, Raider of Cities, the great tactician, cunning
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