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Colin Manankil

on 10 December 2014

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Spanish silver buttons
Spanish silver buttons are important to hold clothing together, and to look fancy to special events. Out of all of the cultural elements, these buttons relate to arts. This is because the Spanish are interested in how they look, especially on their free time. They were created in about the 1900's, and they still look good today
The Joe Place Sword
This 1700's Spanish artifact, The Joe Place Sword was an important to Spanish culture. It was used to kill people outside of battle grounds. Out of all of the different cultural elements, this relates to technology. This is because it is something someone create to complete a certain task.
Military Buttons
The Spanish military buttons were a high honor, and were only worn by people in the Spanish military. It was used as a sign of high honor and courage. Out of all of the cultural elements, I think these buttons relate to economy. Even sine around 1800, they are still a high honor today.

Thank you!
Spanish artifacts are very interesting. Today, we will learn about their silver buttons, their military buttons, the Joe Place Sword, spanish shot, and their military clothes.
Military clothes
The 1588 Spanish cloacs take place in military dressing on the feild of battle. Technology is the best way to catoragise this based on the element of culture. This is because people had to be very percise if they had the privelidge to weave this priceless cloth.
Spanish Shot
Spanish Shot in the 1700's was crucial to 1700's warfare. It was used to kill enemies on the feild of battle. Based on the elements of culture, the Spanish shot would fall into technology, this is because t takes time to form a perfectly round ball that can mean the difference between life and death
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