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Movie Maker Prezi

Movie Maker presentation

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Movie Maker Prezi

Build a Video
Add Video Clips

1 - Go to Home Tab; click add videos/pictures
2 - Select desired video; click open (it automatically will open)

Note: You can select as many videos as you need

Repeat steps to add additional videos/pictures
Add Music
1 - Home tab; click add music

Note: Please make sure that the cursor is in the location you want the music to begin. Once you add music it will play the entire song.

Shorten Songs
1 - Make sure the cursor is at the desired location to split the song
2 - Option tab; split button or you can select an exact time to start and stop the music
Create Title Page
1 - Click on your first desired image
2 - Under Home Section; click title and create your title page
3 - Save; click on the first image (it will bump all of your images back)

Note: Every slide will be 7 seconds in duration
Order of Images
If you want to rearrange the order of your images

Click and hold onto the image; rag to the new location
Create a Slide
1 - Collect any5 images; import them onto your desk top
2- Open Movie Maker
3 - Click Home
4 - Click add video and photo button
5 - Go to your picture on desktop
6 - Click open on your 5 images
Movie Maker
Change Slide Duration
1 - Choose which slide you want to change the duration on
2 - Edit; Duration
3 - Change to desired duration

Change Duration of all slides
1 - Press Control + A; it will appear highlighted
2 - Edit; Duration
3 - Change to desired duration
Effects/Transitions of Images
1 - Click on the desired image
2 - Under the Visual tab; choose desired effect/transition
3 - Animation Tab; choose desired picture it would proceed

Note: Drop down arrow allows you to see the different transitions

4 - Choose the one you want to use and it will appear at the beginning od your image.

Repeat steps for each desired image

You can also use these steps for making your video
Get your free download of Live Movie Maker

Apple Users: iMovie
Edit Video
Trim Video Clips
1 - Video tools; edit; trim tool
2 - Drag the start point to the desired point
3 - Drag the end point to the desired point
4 - Save
Split Video Clip
1 - Place your cursor at the desired point that you want to split the video
2 - Video tools

Note: you can do this as many times as you want
Slow Speed of Video
1 - Edit tab
2 - Choose video you want to change
3 - Speed option; use the arrow to adjust the speed of the video

Slow Down (anything below 1X)
Speed up (anything above 1X)
1 - Click on the desired video
2 - Home tab; caption
3 - Once caption button appears, add desired text
Add Credits
1 - Place cursor where you want the credits to appear
2 - Home tab; Auto Movie themes; select one of the options

Note: It will automatically put a text box into the video

If you double click the text box, you can edit the text
Make sure that you are saving as you go along.

Down side to Movie Maker:

Occasionally it the program will crash and you can lose your work if you do not save constantly
Have Fun
Jennifer Villella
Courtney Blyth
Michelle Nguyen
Anthony LoMascolo
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