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Chapter 4 physical science notes

Daniel Martin

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Energy

Can be
Potential Energy
Kinetic Energy
Energy in motion
Energy that is stored
a car rolling down a hill
riding a bicycle
Types of potential energy
2. Gravitational Potential Energy
1. Elastic Potential Energy
3. Chemical Potential Energy
Energy is the ability of something to cause change.
The unit of measure for energy is Joules (J)
One joule = One Nm (Newton meter)
KE= (mass x velocity^2)
Energy that is stored by something that can stretch or compress.
Examples: rubber band, spring, slinky
Energy stored in chemical bonds.
Examples: food, drinks, gasoline, diesel, propane
Energy stored by objects above the earth’s surface.
Depends on the mass, height, and gravitational acceleration.
GPE= mass x 9.8 m/s/s x height
the formula for KE is as follows
1. Distinguish between potential and kinetic energy.
2. Identify the subtypes of potential energy
3. Solve for GPE and KE
Opening question:
1. What force opposes all motion on Earth?
2. How much force is required to accelerate a 13kg object 25m/s/s? (F=ma)
Mid Class question:
A baseball with a mass of 0.15 kg is moving at a speed of 40.0 m/s. What is the kinetic energy of the baseball?(show work)
Describe an activity that involves changing potential energy into kinetic energy?
How can a roller coaster have kinetic and potential energy at the same time?
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