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A Hand in the Sand

No description

Mario Jimenez

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of A Hand in the Sand

A Hand in the Sand Characters º Rafael
º Virginia
º The Viruelas
º Paco
º The Police
º The lighthouse keeper Places º The bar
º Crabs beach
º The island
º The lighthouse Summary º Virginia talks to Rafael. They agree to go for a walk.
º Virginia is a beautiful girl, blonde and tall.
º Virginia wants to go to the "White Sands beach" but Rafael wants to go to "Crabs beach" because there is not many people there.

º Rafael wants to go to an island that is close.
º Virginia finds a hand in the sand
º Virginia is scared so they return
to Crab Beach
º To go talk to the police when they the car is gone.
º There is a bar nearby, they go to the bar to use the phone.
º There is a man with gun, they have to go to the gas station to call the police º The next day, the police go to the island but find nothing and think that Rafael is lying.
º They enter the bar and there is nobody there and the boxes are gone.
º Rafael sees truck tracks but says nothing,
Virginia calls Rafael to says there are other people in danger. º Rafael returns to Crab beach, he finds Virginia sunglasses.
º There is a package that is filled with white powder. Rafael goes home .
º The police are at Rafael's house, they found Rafael's car.
º The police think that Rafael is involved.
º Rafael runs from the police because he has the white powder in his jacket.
º Rafael and Virginia return to the bar.
º The ft guy comes in the bar. Rafael and Virginia hit him on the head and tie him up.
º Rafael wants to return to the island to find the body .
º Virginia stays with the man.
º Rafael finds the body, he returns to the bar, the police come to the bar
º Virginia takes the police to the drug house.
º The police find one hundred kilos of drugs.
º Virginia tells Rafael that Paco wanted to kill Jaime.
º Jaime hit him on the head with a rock. Jaime and Levis took a flight to America.
º Virginia and Rafael return home, Rafael is going to write a novel called " A Hand in the Sand". End
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