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Using Mango Leaves Extract As An Insecticide

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Eira Bernardo

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Using Mango Leaves Extract As An Insecticide

Thank You
Php 1.00
Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Year: III Section: 1
This Study
Aims To:
Why we did this project?
Scope and Delimitation
only on the use of mango leaves and not the fruit itself
this can only be used on cockroaches and not on other insects
available room in the DOST Building.
1. First, all the materials needed will be prepared.
2. Next, the mango leaves will be pounded using mortar and pestle.
3. Then, the pounded mango leaves will be squeezed with cloth to extract its components.
4. Afterwards, the mango leaves extract will be boiled.
5. Finally, the extract will be cooled down and put in a container.

1. Find out if mango leaf extract can kill insects.
2. Know if the mango leaves extract could kill insects by its toxic composition.
3. Use insecticide without polluting the environment
A. Materials:
• Green mango leaves (more or less 50 leaves)
• Water (500 mL)
• Mortar and pestle
• 2 spray containers
• Cockroaches (more or less 20)
• Commercialized insecticide(Baygon)
• 2 containers (for cockroaches)

Using Mango Leaves Extract As An Insecticide
1. First, two cockroaches will be put in two different containers. The containers will be named container A and container B.
2. Then, the cockroach in container A will be sprayed 3 times with the mango leaves extract while the cockroach in container B will be sprayed 3 times with the commercialized insecticide.
3. Afterward, the cockroaches will be observed and the observation will be recorded.
4. Finally, clean all your things using the standard and safe procedure of sanitation.

to have alternative insecticides and to lessen the harmful gases released by the commercialized insecticides.
to have a greener and eco-friendly community.
Importance Of The Study
This study helps people save money
help people to be eco-friendly
help us solve problems brought by insects which can make us free from diseases.
*Five trials will be performed using the same set up*
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