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junaid jawaid

on 16 December 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Identitying customer Needs
Distribution Channel
Anticipating the customer need

Prime Tea
3 in 1 a tea bag filled with Milk & Sugar.

Prime Tea
bag is introducing a new trend for professionals, students etc . who does not have much time for making tea or they have to carry milk & sugar also along with tea bag.

Prime Tea
bag needs only a hot cup of water & your tea is ready to drink in seconds to make you feel fresh.


Customer Satisfaction

Prime Tea

Innovative Product ( 3 in 1 (Tea+Milk+sugar))

Rich taste and flavor

Unique aroma

Good packaging

A commitment to quality

"Never compromise on quality" has been the motto at Prime Tea since the beginning.

The pricing of Prime Tea is:
10 Tea bags Prime Tea 60Rs

50 Tea bags Prime Tea 3 in 1 Pack 275Rs.

100 Tea bags of Prime Tea Family Pack 550Rs.

A great way of advertising our product – MOBILE VAN ADVERTISING.
For people working at college,office canteens, and while traveling nothing would be more hassle-free than serving just the boiled water and cups!! This would save more time and resources and definitely save more milk!!!! We have chosen tie-ups deliberately. It is strongly believed in Karachi that a session is incomplete without a cup of tea with cookies and snacks.
ONLINE PROMOTION like Face book, Twitter, Lindedin etc.

What better place to make people taste Prime Tea than melas and fairs in the lovely city of Karachi where thousands of people gather and after they become tired of roaming around the crowded fairs, nothing appeals more than a cup of hot tea. The customers will be provided with paper plates and paper cups. TEA STALLS AT MELAS, EXHIBITIONS AND LITERARY MEETS.
ONLINE PROMOTION like Face book, Twitter, Linkedin etc.


Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world second to water, and is served at both professional and social gatherings worldwide.
In Pakistan, tea is usually consumed at breakfast, during lunch breaks at the workplace, and in the evening at home, which is usually consumed with biscuits or cake. Guests are also typically offered tea as a choice other than soft drinks

In Pakistan, it is counted as a staple food item of the common man and is an integral part of our culture and heritage.
Basic ingredients to make tea

"Prime Tea" will be launched in National markets.

It will be available in all major cities of Pakistan.
We will sell out the product in retailer,outlets,tea stores,department stores Imtiaz, Chase and Naheed etc
Tea isn't just a comforting and pleasant beverage, it also has remarkable healing properties.

Drinking tea can lead to a healthier, longer life—.

Prime Tea

Prime teabags 3 in 1 solution is definitely an innovating idea in tea bags market.

We will be distributing our product via supermarkets in the country like Big Bazaar, Spencer’s, Hyper city.
We would also use traditional channel i.e. local stores.
Our distribution channel length would two level distribution that will include manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, customer
Our packaging would be attractive and captivating.

It would be potent for preventing the solution from moisture and other weathering effects.

We will also be providing sample tea bags for trial purpose but that would be done only in selected stores.

Storage problem

Lack of public awareness

Substitute Products

 Brand is the part of traditional drinking habits
Quality Control Department
Comparatively less product prices
Huge gap to cover the area and enhance business
Export in other country making its image in Pakistan


Strong competitors Like Lipton , Tapal etc.
Internationally increasing tea prices
Political conditions in the country may be obstacle to exports
High inflation in the country can negatively affect the brand
Swot Analysis
In case the product fails in the market , then we would come up with new product. We will reform our product and some alteration will be made in its composition. we will use the fixed facilities that we already have.
Not Just for Pleasure: The Many Health Benefits of Tea
• Cancer Prevention
• Protection Against Heart Diseases and High Blood Pressure
• Lower Risk of Death from All Causes
• Brain Boosts
• Keeping blood sugar at moderate levels
• Fighting food-borne bacteria
• Enhancing immune system function
• Promoting "friendly" bacteria in the intestines and encouraging bowel regularity
• Assisting in weight loss by blocking the breakdown of starch
• Maintaining the body's fluid balance
• Reducing stress

PrimeTea3 in 1 is a innovative product in the world of tea especially in Pakistan. We hope that this Methodology will inspire the consumers specially the Professionals and students and we will capture a big amount of Market share very soon .
and even people who travel outside for Business trips or Picnics PrimeTeawill be very suitable for them as well.
Our aim is to save time and refresh the minds of our consumers.
Our future plan is to expand the variety in various flavours,packaging and sizes.

Marketing segmentation is making a selection and targeting a certain group of consumers or buyers for its product or services.

PrimeTeabasically has targeted the urban areas and has concentrated on the upper and middle classes.

Today as both men and women consume equal amounts of tea the age group segment selected for PrimeTeais for all age group for they want to target those people who are young, trendy, and cosmopolitan.

For the Completion of this Project we are Thankful to Almighty Allah and also Special Thanks to our Talented and Marvelous Teacher Sir Mubashir Sandela because of his great teaching methodology we were able to make this Project.

Stalwart Thanks
The E N D
Energy Never Dies

A Project of Principles
of Marketing

Fahad Hussain
Junaid Jawed

Syed Jawad Hussain Hashmi
Waqas Gujrati
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