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GA L0 - Things About Me

All About Lisa Ann Bol- To introduce myself to my classes this year

Lisa Bol

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of GA L0 - Things About Me

I came to America when I was 1 year old.
I lived in America for 22 years. Bol Family John Bol
My Dad
Business Brenda Bol
My Mom
Math Teacher I have 2 pet birds in America. Grand Valley State University I I love to read... vampires now Christopher is my brother
6 years older (Born in 1982)
Business Things About Me I was born in Sokcho, South Korea In America, my home is in Michigan. 38th President Robin Michigan Flag 116 Lighthouses Eminem Kellogg's Cereal Cherry Blossom Agriculture Petoskey This is my house Unity Christian High School My English name is Lisa Ann Bol
My Korean name is 심여울 Please call me Ms. Lisa Hello! This is my 3rd year at 신일여자중학교. Last week I bought a new puppy. Do you have any questions? Jonathan Adoption 입양
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