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Social Maturity

No description

Hira B.

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Social Maturity

Social Maturity
Social maturity involves learning to properly relate to acquaintances, family, neighbors, friends, and intimate relationships. It involves understanding how to honor and respect those in authority.
How You Mature
Stage 2 (Teen 14-18)
When you become a teen you develop more feelings towards other people. Your body begins to change and you can handle more tasks and challenges more and more as you mature. In your teen years you have more relationships such as boyfriends/girlfriends and friends. You want to make more friends and you want to become social because if you don't have a social life you get labeled a "loser" and a "loner." This is the time where you tend to make more mistakes and learn from them so you can mature more. You have more opportunities and goals that show how much you have matured throughout the past years.
How You Mature
Stage 1 (Child 3-8yrs)
When you are younger you are usually more shy and want your parents to be with you all the time. Its hard for little kids to make friends because they are used to always having their mom or dad around and they do not know how to talk to others. Their feelings get hurt a lot easier and they take things a lot more serious which limits their social lives. Little kids don't really like to share or be around other kids because they are complete strangers and sometimes come off as enemies.
How You Mature
Stage 2 (Pre-teen 9-13)
This age is the "awkward" age for most people. No one really knows who their real friends are and just go with the flow. Around the end of middle school you start talking to the opposite gender comfortably. You are kind of restricted in middle school so you aren't really able to try everything you want to which doesn't let you make a lot of mistakes. Since you don't make mistakes, you don't get to mature as much. This is a confused age along with when you reach high school you still don't really understand whats happening.
How You Mature
Stage 4 (18+ Adulthood)
When you are an adult you are more independent and matured then you were as a teen. Although you have a stronger understanding of life, you still have a lot you could learn from. Such as getting married, having kids, and a stable job can really affect how you mature. When you enter adulthood, you learn to respect others no matter who they are or what age they are. Being an adult you know your limits and when to stop, making you more responsible. After adulthood has came in on you, you have basically completed your social maturity.
By: Inen, Hira&Keisha
The End!
Hope you enjoyed!
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