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Google for Educators

A guided tour of what Google can do for you!

James Carpenter

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Google for Educators

for Educators
Connected Apps
Forms & Spreadsheets
Google Drive
What can Google do for you?
Creating an Account
Collect New Accounts
Accessing Google Drive
Type www.google.com in your browser's address bar
Click Sign Up in the upper right hand corner
Fill out the form
And click Next Step
And click Sign In
Now you're signed in and ready to go!
At the main Google screen
You'll see "Drive"... Click it
You're ready to start creating and collaborating!
To create your first document
To name your document
And you'll get this
Sharing your Document
Sticker Key
= Collaborate
= Do With Us
= Practice Exercise
= Questions?
Where was that Google Drive?
Close out your browser window and show me that you can navigate back to Google Drive.
Why would I want to do that?
Sharing allows multiple people to edit a document in real time
Getting to Google.com
Sharing with your neighbors is good!
Pick someone near you and kindly ask them to collaborate with you.
Exchange Gmail addresses
Then, share your documents with each other
You should both have received an email confirming the share
Share Settings
Let's Collaborate!
Visit the below link to access my document
Additional Resources
Revision History
Automatically Saves
Let's Do Something
In the shared document, select a line of text
Format that line
Then, comment that line
Try not to format your neighbors line though!
Creating Slides
What is this?
Presentation allows you to create beautiful slide presentations in the cloud... Collaboratively!
You can even import your Power Point presentations
Click to create a new slide
Alternatively, you can create by slide type
with the drop-down arrow
Importing Slides
Easy as that!
Slide Layout & Theme
Right click on a slide
To change the slide theme
Choose a theme
Then click OK
Creating Slide Objects
Presenting & Speaker Notes
Click to Present
Click the drop-down arrow for more options
Add slide reference notes here
Don't Forget!
Sharing, Formatting, Download As, and Collaborating are still done the same way
Try it yourself!
In a group of three
Create a Presentation with three slides
Share one presentation with each other
Distribute the work
Include in:
Slide 1
Title slide
Include a picture via Google Images
Slide 2
Choose a different slide layout
Add a transition
Slide 3
Choose a different slide theme
Comment where you worked
Searching & OCR
What does this do for me?
Searching in Google Drive allows you to easily find the files you're looking for, regardless of folder hierarchy
And, with OCR, it goes even deeper by searching the text in PDFs, JPGs, GIFs, & PNGs
Navigating the Folder Hierarchy
Installing Google Drive
Download Drive
Welcome Screen
Sign In
Start Sync
Click Sign in Now
Enter your credentials
Then, click Sign in
All of your Google Drive files will now be available on your laptop
And here
Want more apps to use from Google Drive?
No Problem!
Connect more apps
There is a great collection of apps you can use with Drive!
Thanks for your time and cooperation!
Why would I want to install Drive on my desktop?
Installing Drive for desktop syncs your files for local access. This way you can launch your docs straight from a folder or sync images and PDF up to Google Drive.
How can forms and spread sheets help in the classroom?
Forms can be used to make:
Homework Assignments
Creating your First Form
Publishing your Form
Linking to a Spreadsheet
Let's Make Our First Form!
What's the Objective?
Create a form that
data can be collected on!
What should the form include?
- Numeric Identifier (student ID??)
Now What??
Now that we have our form created and linked to a spreadsheet we can fill it out. Let's fill it out a minimum of 5 times and then check and see our data!
Then What?
Now that we have our form, let's link it to a spreadsheet
What is Flubaroo??
Flubaroo, is Google Script used to "self grade" quiz or test-like forms! Let's see it in action!
Installing Flubaroo
1. Open the spreadsheet containing the data you'd like to grade.
2. Select "Tools" then "Script gallery".
3. In the "Search" bar type, "flubaroo".
Activating Flubaroo
4. Click "Install"
Using Flubaroo to Grade!
Putting it all together..Let's use it!
Steps 1 - 3:
1. Open the form you want to grade like you're taking the quiz.
3. Fill out the form answering all of the answers correctly.
2. In the Identifier field, type "Key" so you can easily identify your submission among the rest.
Steps 4 - 8 :
4. Open the spreadsheet containing your form data
5. Click on Flubaroo and choose "Grade Assignment"
6. Choose the point value for each question
7. Choose the "Key" submission to grade against.
8. View your grades!
Now you try!!
Let's wait to follow along until our interactive section.
Question 1:
=Stop & Watch
Google Documents is an online word processor that lets you create and format text documents and collaborate with other people in real time
- Type: Multiple Choice
- Question: What is 4 +4?
- Give 4 possible answers
Question 2:
-Type: Checkboxes
-Question: What is 5 * 8?
-Give 4 possible answers
Question 3:
-Type: Choose from a List
- Give 4 possible answers
- Question: Which is a factor of 12?
Questions 4 & 5:
- You choose!
- 5 total questions
They can also comment objects in the document
And, they can communicate using the built in chat feature
Let's wait to follow along until our next activity
Add multiple collaborators
(Google Accounts Only!)
...But how can we email it when we haven't put in any emails to send to?
Easy! Let's look!
...Let's review our steps before following along!
Steps to email grades
1. Open up your spreadsheet
2. Insert a column and call it "Email"
3. Type in your email address and apply to every row of submission data.
Download As
4. Go to Flubaroo, and grade or re-grade the assignment
5. After re-grading, click on Flubaroo again and choose to "email grades".
6. Choose the "Email" field that you created as the "Email Address Question.
7. Choose to include the elements of the quize you'd like and click "Continue".
Uploading & Converting
Here's your emailed grades!
Feel free to
and hand out!
Creating a Folder
Moving Files & Folders
Additional Areas
Separate educator account recommended
But not mandatory
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