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Korean Military

No description

Rebekah Kim

on 22 April 2016

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Transcript of Korean Military

South Korean Military
Rebekah Kim: Period 2
Before male Korean citizens can join the army, there are few kinds of requirements .
For regular voluntary military service, a male Korean citizen has to be the age of 18-26 until 1950.
A Korean male citizen has to be the age of 20-30 for compulsory military service .
They also have to be in good health and must have clean records
If one who signs up and has medical issues they can't join the military even if they wanted to.
South Korean men must complete 21 months of military service between the age of 18 and 35.
The Korean military is known to be pretty harsh towards the soldiers.
Their bootcamp life is known to be very strict with their schedules and make sure they are on time for everything and at anytime.
Basic training involves with
rifle shooting
grenade throwing
gas mask test
combat training
20 mile marching
cold weather resistance
helicopter dropping
gun shooting
Republic of Korea Armed Forces: Army
The Army is one out of the four Republic of Korea Armed Forces, known as ROKA
To tell the difference, their color is Green and Black.
The pronounication is Daehanminguk Gukgun
It was created in 1948, following the division of Korea, the Republic of Korea Armed Forces is one of the largest standing armed forces in the world with a reported personnel strength of 3,600,000 in 2014.
The ROK military forces are responsible for maintaining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the republic, but often engage in humanitarian and disaster-relief efforts nationwide.
Republic of Korea Forced Army
The Navy is second of the Republic of Korea Forced Army and the Navy is also known to be ROKN.
The Navy colors are known to be white and black.
Its pronounication is Daehanminguk Haegun and was established in the year of 1954.
The Navy is known as the ROK Navy, is the naval warfare service branch of the South Korean armed forces, responsible for conducting naval operations and amphibious landing operations.
Since the Korean War, the ROK Navy has concentrated its efforts to building naval forces to counteract the North Korean navy, which has littoral naval capabilities.
Republic of Korea Armed Force: Air Force
The Air Force is the third of the Republic of Korea Armed Force.
Their colors are known to be green and blue.
In Korea it is pronounced as Daehanminguk Gong-gun.
It was active around the time after World War II, but was official at October 1 1949.
The ROKAF is the is the aerial warfare service branch of South Korea, operating under the Republic of Korea Ministry of National Defense.
Republic of Korea Armed Force: Marine Corps
Last of the Republic of Korea Armed Force is the Marine Corps.
The Marine Corps are known to have the color of red and yellow.
In Korea it is pronounced as Daehanminguk Haebyeongdae
The Marine Corps operates as a distinct arm of the South Korean Armed Forces, unlike the marine corps of most other countries, which generally operate as part of a navy.
The ROKMC was founded as a suppression operations force against communist partisans just prior to the start of the Korean War.
The marine corps, with 29,000 personnel, is organized into two divisions and one brigade under the Marine Corps Command.
In the Republic of Korean Armed Forces, ranks fall into one of the four categories: Enlisted (Byeong), Non-Commissioned Officers (Bu-sa-gwan), Warrant Officers (Jun-sa-gwan), and Commission Officers (Jang-gyo)
Enlisted are the ones who joined the military for the first time. The ranking for the Enlisted begins with...
Private (I-deung-byeong)
Private First Class (II-deung-beyong)
Corprol (Sang-deung-byeong)
Sergent (Byeong-jang)
Next it goes to the Non-Commissioned Officers...
Staff Sergeant (Ha-sa)
Sergeant First Class (Jung-sa)
Master Sergeant (Sang-sa)
Sergeant Major (Won-sa)
Ranking (cont)
Then it goes to the Warrant Officers...
Warrant Officer (Jun-wi)
Finally it goes to the Commission Officers with three different sections.
Second Lieutanant (So-wi)
First Lieutanant (Jung-wi)
Captain (Dae-wi)
Major (So-ryeong)
Lieutanant Colonel (Jung-ryeong)
Colonel (Dae-ryeong)
Brigadier General (Jun-jang)
Major General (So-jang)
Lieutanant General (Jung-jang)
General (Dae-jang)
General of the Army (Won-su)
Video #1
Video #2
South Korean Army
The Republic of Korea Army, also known as ROKA, is the army of South Korea and responsible for ground-based warfare.
The pronounciation for the Republic of the Korea Amry is Daehanminguk Yuk-gun
It was active at September 5 1948 and it is still active today.
The South Korean Army not only was built to train Korean men, but it helped them show to how to be grateful for small things during their military life and be grateful to be alive.

Manpower: around 49 million
Tanks: around 2000
Guns: around 2000 as well
Aircraft: around 1400
Naval Strength: 166
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