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Marketing Project ---Tempo

No description

Timtim Ma

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Project ---Tempo

Milestone of Tempo Tissues
Marketing Communication Project ---Tempo
1.1 History of Tempo
recorded in Berlin as the first tissue in 1929
2.1 Product Line
1.2 Changes of ownership in Tempo
4.2 Analysis Consumer Insight
Reason of external environment factors
Group Member

Group Member:
Man Lai Ping
Ma Tsau Tim

Man Ka Kei

Li Wing Hei

available in 40 countries and production reached 10 billion pieces
Start from 1999
Procter & Gamble
Since 2007
Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget
1.3 History of Tempo in Hong Kong
Start in 1980s
The most favourite tissues in consumers for 17 years
4.1 Product and Market Expansion
increase sales without changing products
e.g. Through Advertisement
Tempo is available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, China
Tempo handkerchiefs, toilet paper and wet wipes

Start up or acquire businesses
outside the company's current products and markets

The seriousness of Nasal allergy and Insomnia
One out of three
people get Nasal allergy in average
For the Insomnia, there are
of us has been puzzled by it

4.2 Reason of external environment factors(cont')
The demand of those sufferers
Irritating odor would increase the weight of sufferers’ condition
The original product line of tempo are avoided by those people
Popularity of CM among Hong Kong People
CM has laid a good foundation in the past of HK
Market has already been mature due to the increasing-acceptance
6.1 Market Segmentation, targeting and postitioning
The target customers of “Tempo- Wai Yuen Tong” :
Sufferers of nasal allergy and insomnia
Original loyal customers
Increasing profit margin Positioning with a higher price and high quality

6.3 4P-Product and Branding
Mainly focus in mini tissues
Selling point: add chinese medicine which can alleviate Allergic rhinitis
4P-Product and Branding (cont')
Lack of related resources and technology to develop Chinese medicine formula
Using co-branding with
Wai Yuen Tong
Research and Development & Ingredient
Charge for $3/pack
4P-Product and Branding (cont')
A way to high impact marketing
Social networking website: Facebook and Weibo
Facebook Page: upload video, photos and description about new product
YouTube: Send some sample to popular bloggers
4P-Products & Branding (cont')
Promotion - Price Promotion
People can buy the new product in a special price in a short period
e.g. $30 dollars 2 pack of 18 package

New packing design competition

Aim: Better idea will be shown
4-P Products and Branding (cont')
Street promotion
e.g. Mong Kok ( Give a try for public)
Aims: raise awareness
Where to buy
1. Original selling places

e.g. Seven-eleven, pharmacy,Supermarket, Manning, Watsons, Wai yuen tong

1.Pharmacy: front door
2. Supermarket, Mannings, Watsons:
--eye catching level, promotion box
3. Seven-eleven: cashier

4.1.1 Product development Definition
offer new or additional benefits to the customer
satisfies a newly defined customer want
market niche
Objective: Due to the saturation of the traditional tissue market

some needs are not yet been satisfied in current market
E.g.Sufferers of nasal allergy and insomnia

2.1.1 Appearing different products
Tempo only has mini tissue product at 2007

how can it survive in competition and earn more profit in future?

However, Boxed tissue and toilet-roll tissue market is very saturated

How can the company enter to the market successfully?

Targeting the market demand and customers' need

Customers complain that boxed tissue is thin

The product focusing on tough and soft to deal with the customers’ need

Tempo's Boxed tissue launched at 2009 and being very popular

2.1.1 Continually improving the product
Keeping high market share>improving the product is necessary

Appearing Different flavor since2009

e.g.: Apple wood/icy menthol/citrus blossom

Fulfilling the customers’ novel

Designing new Package with Illustrator and college students such as POLYU

6.2 Sales and Cost Prediction
Manufacturing, Trading and Profit and Loss Account
$ $ $
Sales (7184000x95%x50%X243 days) 2487639600
Less: Cost of Goods Sold
Opening Stock 39270000
Add: Production Cost of Goods Completed b/d 675000000

Less: Closing Stock (646780000) ______________
GROSS PROFIT 2555129600

Less : Expenses
Administrative Expenses (Office expenses)
---Office rent and rates


Administrative salaries
General adminstration expenses
Transportstion Out
Selling and Distribution Expenses
Advertising expenses
Net Profit 1286619600

Content Page
1.0 Introduction and Background

1.1 History of Tempo
1.2 Changes of ownership in Tempo
1.3 History of Tempo in Hong Kong
2.0 4Ps of the brand

2.1 Product
2.2 Price
2.3 Place
2.4 Promotion
3.0 SWOT Analysis and Competitors Analysis
4.0 Market Overview (Situation Analysis)

4.1 Product and Market Expansion
4.2 Analysis Consumer Insight
5.0 Tempo Recent Campagin
6.0 New Campagin

6.1 Market Segmentation, targeting and postitioning
6.2 Sales and Cost Prediction
6.3 4P-Product and Branding
7.0 Closing

7.1 Objective of Project
7.2 What have we learnt
7.3 Division of labour

1.0 Introduction and Background of Tempo
2.0 Brand of Tempo
2.1 Product
2.2 Price
2.3 Place
2.4 Promotion
2.2 Price
Low Price
High Price
2.3 Place
Supermarket Chain Stores
Convenience Store
E.g. Wellcome
E.g. 7-11
Circle K

Health and Beauty Chain Stores
E.g. Mannings
2.4 Promotion Mix
Internet Marketing
Public Relations
Sales Promotion
3.0 SWOT Analysis and Competitors Analysis
SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis
4.0 Market Overview (Situation Analysis)
2.0 Branding of Tempo
6.0 2016 New Campaign
6.0 2016 New Campaign
Tempo-Wai Yuen Tong
Invent new Product
3.1 Competitor Analysis
7.1 Objective of Project
Objective of this Project:

Try to boost sales for Tempo
Make good use of the 6 pillars in promoting a product

7.1 What have we learnt

6 Pillars
SWOT analysis
Prmotional Mix
7.3 Division of Labour

Division of labour
Man Lai Ping

New Campaign
Man Ka Kei

Analysis of marketing
Li Wing Hei

Recent Campaign
Ma Tsau Tim

History and background
7.0 Closing
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