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No description

Rhiannon Leonardo

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Budget

By: Rhiannon Leonardo My Budget! :) Job: Graphic Designer Responsibilities Work Hours/Atmosphere -Usually work in studios
-Those who work for a specialized firm work as a team with other designers
- Many collaborate with other designers and work with clients all over the world
-Full time Median Annual Salary:
$43,500 -Meet and work with clients to work on projects
-Create visual concepts to communicate ideas to help gain costumers for a brand or company
-Design album cover leafs, promotional material, brand logos, and other images relating to bands (I would like to work for a record company)
-Create designs by hand or on computer software College Degree Needed:
Bachelor's Degree College: California College of the Arts Location: San Francisco, California Tuition:
$36,960 Monthly Loan Amount:
$266.04 Apartment: I am renting an apartment! Apartment: The apartment is from Chateau De Ville. It will include a living room, a kitchen, and bathroom, and a bedroom all in a comfortable size. A clubhouse, a swimming pool, and a fitness center are included at the apartment complex! Also the location is near Los Angeles and other locations I would visit in California. Location: Anaheim, California Rent: $950 per month Car 2009 Volkswagon New Beetle Convertable Monthly Loan Payment:
$193.90 Cost of Car
$15,275 Fixed/ Flexible Expenses: Fixed:
-Health Insurance: $132/ month
-Car Insurance: $60/month
-Renter's Insurance: $10/month
-Dental Insurance: $6.25/month
-Fios Quad Play (cell phone, house phone, TV, and internet)- $89.99/month Flexible:
-Utilities: $200/month
-Food: $200/month
-Entertainment: $150/month
-Gas(Driving): $220/month Initial Budget: I earn $2,757/month I spend $2,346/month I save money! :)
I save $410/month Realistically I can afford my wants with my current salary since I save money, although I would like to try and save more. What to change/add: To save money:
- Save money for concerts (Warped Tour in the Summer is one)
-VidCon (Covention to meet YouTubers in Anaheim, California)
-Add $50 to personal spending -I would like to move in with Izzi at the same apartment complex, but an apartment with two rooms and two bathrooms which is still a nice size. Add:
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