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Raymond's Run

No description

Antonio Flores

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Raymond's Run

ANTONIO FLORES RAYMOND's RUN Main Characters Squeaky-or Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker as she corrects Mr. Pearson is a very fast and dedicated runner. She tends to think to herself but is also very out spoken. She shows true love for her brother by defending him from Gretchen and her posse. According to her the only person faster than her is her dad. Some of the older kids call her Mercury for being so fast.

Raymond-Is the older brother of Squeaky but his mental capacity is that of a small child. Most likely due to his Hydrocephalus which causes his head to be an abnormal size. He is taken care of by Squeaky especially from Gretchen and her posse. In the end of the story it is found that he is a very good runner. More Main Characters Minor Characters Squeaky's Parents-Not that much about them. Her father is much faster than Squeaky however and her mother always tries to make Squeaky more girly. To which Squeaky highly detests.
George- Another minor character and also another brother of Squeaky. He apparently is highly irritated by Raymond copying Squeaky's breathing excersices.
Mary Louise- A young girl from Baltimore who moved to Harlem. She was bullied in school and Squeaky helped her but when Gretchen came ML betrayed Squeaky and now starts talking trash about her.
Rosie- An overweight girl in Gretchen's posse who constantly tries to get the better of Squeaky even though she constantly fails. I.E. “I don’t think you’re going to win this time,” says Rosie, trying to signify with her hands on her hips all salty, completely forgetting that I have whupped her behind many times for less salt than that.
Mr. Pearson- A very tall man who has a disliking for Squeaky. He has a nickname of Jack and the Beanstalk due to his height.
Announcers- Well nothing much to say other than they are the announcers of the competition. Plot Rising
Action Climax Falling
Action Resolution Gretchen-She is basically the antagonist. She according to Squeaky constantly brags about that she will win the May Day Race and beat her. She seems to be very prideful and doesn't want to stop at nothing but to beat Squeaky in the race. Which obviously fails however she is shown to also be very dedicated in running like Squeaky. Setting The setting is in Baltimore, Maryland with evidence from Squeaky telling about how Mary Louise came. It seems as though where she lives in 151st street which she also says. The main area is her street and the park where May Day is held. The time setting seems to be somewhere in the mid nineties due to the words and environment used. The society there seems to be that you have to make something of yourself. That's what Squeaky does she makes a champion of herself but also she plans to make a champion of her brother. Theme The theme is that you should not let people or other things lead you away from what is truly important. This is shown due to Squeaky's external conflicts with Gretchen and her internal conflicts between her responsibility and her passion for running. Squeaky preparing for the race as well as the conflict between her and Gretchen's posse. Raymond doing his own run while Squeaky is doing hers. Squeaky wins the race and realizes how good Raymond is. Squeaky deciding she wants to coach Raymond while also having a partnership and a hopefully a friend ship with Gretchen from coaching. There is also the internal conflict in Squeaky because she loves to run but she also has to take care of Raymond. Author's Craft The way the author does the story is that for the point of view was first person as it was through Squeaky's eyes only.
There was foreshadowing with Squeaky saying how she has won all races she has attended and plans the same result for the May Day Race.
Flashbacks were also used as well. For example the story about Mary Louise and Squeaky telling about the school dance when she was a little girl.
The language of the Author makes it sound like an actually story, it's informal but it sounds realistic. FIN : )
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