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Who am I

What are my likes what are my dislikes

Maitri Shah

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Who am I

By: Maitri Shah Who am I ? Introduction My name is Maitri Shah and I am going to talk about my family my likes and my dislike. I am also going to talk about my hobbies, What I am interested in. Some things that describe my. Overall Who Am I. My name is Maitri Shah. I am currently 12 years old. I go to the school McCrimmon Middle School. Before I came to McCrimmon I used to go to the school Edenbrook Hill Public school. I was born in India on August 2nd 2000. I live in Brampton, Ontario. About Me My favorite sports are soccer, badminton, swimming and soccer baseball. I go to swimming classes outside of school. I also like to skip. Sports My Family My dad is an engineer, he works at at LHM technologies. I also love playing chess with my dad. My mom used to work. She doesn't work right now because my brother is still small and she needs to take care of him. My brother is turning 5 this December. Currently he goes to Edenbrook Hill public school. He is really annoying. My grandma lives with us since may 2011 she will be leaving in June 2013 One of my favourite place to visit is India. The last time I visited was in the year 2009. I also like going to Wonderland with my dad and with my friends. My favourite ride in Wonderland is the Leviathan. My Favorite Places Thank you I hoped you enjoyed my presentation. My hobbies are swimming, reading books, playing soccer with my friends that live on my street. I also like playing on my iPod. My Hobbies My Favourite Foods My favourite foods are: chinese food, pizza, McDonald's food and chocolate cake, chocolate ice-cream, and chocolate bars. Well for me to like pizza it has to come from either Pizza Depot of Pizza Pizza.
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