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ClickMedix: Mobile Tele-Maternal Care

No description

Ting Shih

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of ClickMedix: Mobile Tele-Maternal Care

No additional person needed
Reduce current workload and capture real-time data Sustainable via reimbursement ClickMedix uses mobile & web technologies to eXtend the reach of care experts Patient received treatment with expert advice faster than ever possible
Hospital and midwives receive reimbursement for delivery and treatment
Health worker continues to provide care to patient
Specialist provided advice using 3-5 minutes
Continuous care =
lower healthcare costs for all & healthier lives Graphics by: Cat Guido
Sounds great!
She will see you at the clinic! Click-Maternal Healthcare in the Philippines Health Organization Health workers visit mothers Choose appropriate case form. For first-visit, choose (Initial) Home Based Mother's Record Enter patient ID Enter responses When completed, submit case or submit as draft to complete online later Digitize form responses using phone apps Health worker/midwife enters her username and password Doctor alerted of a complex case Review case on phone or web Choose an Open case Tap on image to enlarge Scroll to see case details View trend data for additional information Review case Enter consult View consult response on phone Call patient to provide further care Email
to setup a demo acccount
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