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shelby tachovsky

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

El misterio de la llave Chapter 1 Someone has sent Candido news papers, but Candido doesn't know who. Candido is the best archeologist in the country, but he is old, tired, and poor. He reads the papers he was sent and finds out that a young archeologist, has discovered a a new Synagogue. There are inscriptions on the key to the synagogue that only he can translate. We learn at the end that he was in jail for 3 months and he wants to go back to Toledo, thinking he will have more luck and he doesn't want to have any more "Dark Days." Chapter 2 She is talking to the owner of the shop about how her grandson Antonio is coming home to Toledo to visit her. Antonio gets to Toledo by train and then talks to his grandma at her home. While they talk he says he need a new idea for a book, she gives him the idea of the mysterious synagogue and he decides that is what he will write about. In this chapter Dona Blanca is an old lady . Characters The main characters are - Candido - He is an old archeologist who can read the key inscriptions and finds the treasure.
Antonio - He is a young man that finds the treasure with Candido, wants to write a story about it.
Dona Blanca - The Grandma of Antonio. Chapter 5 In this chapter Candido and Antonio enter
the House of the 12 suns. When they go inside and look for the painting of the sea they cant find it. But then Antonio turns on his flashlight and they see a faint painting of a clam sea. They dig around it and find a treasure with gold in it. But before in the book, it said the treasure can be found with bad luck, this is true because after the two find the treasure some men come in and take Candido and Antonio to jail. They want revenge on Candido so they framed him for doing a crime. Chapter 3 Candido can't sleep because he's thinking about
the synagogue and wondering who sent him the newspaper, so he decides to head out to see it. He begins translating the inscriptions on the key and finds out the synagogue has the treasure of Samuel-Ha-Levi.
When he goes through the synagogue, he hears someone else going through it as well. It ends up that Antonio goes in after Candido and steals the key. Chapter 4 In this chapter Antonio is at home. After Dona Blanca leaves to go to the store Candido breaks into the house and wants Antonio to give him the key back. After a lot of arguing the two come to a compromise that both of them will go look for the treasure. They start researching about it and plan their search. Opinion about the book. Our group liked the book. It was suspenseful and the mystery was well thought out. The book also ended very well, putting a twist to it. It reminded our group of National Treasure
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