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Kimmy Tai

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Sets high performance standards to himself

“If you set the first class as the target, you will go to the business class. If you set the business class as the target, you will only go to the economy class. And if you set the economy class to be your goal, you finally will go bankrupt”Sets high.
84044 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in
Marketing and Public Relations
General Education SPD2285 Leadership in Practice
Semester 2, 2013/14
Group Project - Leader Study
Lecturer: Dr. Jonathan Kwok
Dr. Allan ZEMAN
B03B Group Members:
Kwan Ka Hei, Michelle (13627701S)
Lam Sze Ho, Oscar (13004208S)
Ng Ka Bo, Yaya (13004245S)
Ngai Po Yan, Boey (13610792S)
Tai Yat Sheung, Kimmy (13610767S)
Yuen Wing Sum, Priscilla (13005776S)
Trait of Dr. Allan Zeman
Behavioral theories
Influence Theories
Power exercised by Dr. Allan Zeman
Leadership style of Dr. Allan Zeman
The Emotional Intelligence of Dr. Allan Zeman
Allen Zeman
Born in German, raised in Canada
Came to HK in 1975
Chairman of Ocean Park
“Father of Lan Kwai Fong”
Honoring leadership
Ocean Park has revived & ranked as No.1 of all Asian parks by Forbes
Special attitude toward employee
"Leadership is for every company, even for a country, very important. In My world, there is no best staff, but best boss battling for the best. And it always be my No. one rule."

Public Leader
Downturn of ocean park since 1998
Good skills to interpret problem & get it be recognized
Sense of realizing severity
React and respond in a timely manner
Stepping in the place & foresee ways where others cannot see
Utilizing his creativity to rise ocean park from death
Seeing ways where others cannot see
Go one more step than others
Gaining advantages because of his long-sighted vision
Trait of Allan Zeman
Changed the destiny of Ocean Park
The Father of Lan Kwai Fong
Do different kinds of business even he is not the expertise of those fields
Accept the impossible challenge
Expand his kingdom to China

Build Ocean Express Waterfront Station
Localize himself
Happy image
Low profile
Everybody like him
Emotional intelligence
Businessman with a heart
“Creative, let your hair down and fun”
Put his feet into other people’s shoes
Teamwork and Collaboration
He associated with Ocean Park and LKF
Business forum, Conservation Day and business interview
Break through the dark age
Be the first one to take one step forward
Attendance figure more than 5,000,000 people
From deficit to surplus about $15,000,000
Behavioral theories
Ohio State Studies
Accessible to staff
Look for personal benefit of staff
Like the male seahorse (Allan) take care of all sea horse babies (all staffs)
Make them have faith in the Ocean Park
Not making them very uptight

The University of Michigan Studies
Employee-centered style
Influence Theories
Transaction Leadership (TSL)
Pay the available salary to their employee
Training program clarifying employees’ roles & duty
Well performance Higher post & Salary

Transformational Leadership (TFL)
“One of the ways to success is making the employee feel proud of him.”  Loyal to him
Some employees have work for him about 30 years
1.Inspirational motivation
2. Individualized consideration
Lack of theme park management experience
Hire a person from United States to manage
Put the employees in their area of expertise
Make useful of their strengths
Let the employees know the company’s ‘’vision’’
Give them the power to continue the struggle
E.g. New Water World; Hotel; Rail linkage

Power exercised by
Dr. Allan Zeman
Leadership style of Dr. Allan Zeman
Coercive power
Emotional Intelligence of
Dr. Allan Zeman

Self emotion appraisal
Good understanding to his own emotion
Knows where his stresses come from
Management of emotion
Able to maintain the positive emotion
E.g. not drink coke, only drink water & exercises every day
Always engages the activities of Ocean Park
Get the positive feeling from the atmosphere
Internal regulations for their employee
Compensate accidentally damaged accordance with the retail price
E.g. Loss of a paper cup equal to the price of $16 for a cup of coke
Pay attention and fear of the negative results
Reward power
Formulate some effective reward programs to encourage the employees
Gain any surplus will share to employees
Referent power
Great affinity
Easily to influence and encourage people around him
Charming and open mind
Expert power
Wide range of expertise, special skill & knowledge
Chairman of the Hong Kong Ocean Park
Awarded the Gold Bauhinia Star and the Grand Bauhinia Medal
Member of the Board of Governors of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce
The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
Member of the Economic and Employment Council in Hong Kong
Member of the Tourism Strategy Group for the Hong Kong Tourism Commission
Member of the International Events Fund Steering Committee for the Hong Kong Tourism Board
Allan zeman is a successful leader
Resilient of his work
Open minded
Make use of people with ability
Build good relationship based on trust and respect to his employee
The Democratic style
He told entrepreneur to ‘have an open mind’
The employees can contact with him and express their views
Treats his employees like family
Some staff already worked for him about 30 years

The Pace-setting Style

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