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Child Abuse and Neglect

Abuse and neglect for the pre-hospital provider

Kent Sallee

on 4 August 2010

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Transcript of Child Abuse and Neglect

Child Abuse and Neglect 4 Classifications of Abuse
Neglect Physical and Emotional Physical Sexual Emotional/Psychological Neglect (Physical and Emotional) Age? Gender? Ethnicity? Mortality? Perpetrators? Just how bad is It? Why? Physical Signs
Unexplained Bruises
Unexplained Burns
Rope burns
Infected Burns
Bite marks
Chronic Stomach Pain
Difficulty walking or sitting Caregiver Behaviors Rejecting
Inconsistent Discipline Emotional Signs Apathy
Lack of Concentration
Eating Disorders Sexual Signs Inappropriate knowledge
Changes in Appetite
Over compliance
Excessive Agression
Fear of a particular person
Unsuitable Clothing
Extreme Hunger
Lack of Supervision
$ Neglect Interaction and Assessment Gaining Entry Dealing with the child Examining the child Dealing with the caregiver Transporting the child Documentation Suspicion of Abuse Defined Criminal and Civil Immunity Information before the technician would lead a competent
professional to conclude that physical abuse is likely to have occured. Through documentation should include:
Statements made by the child and the caregiver
Details of the childs medical HX
Caregiver interviews
Physical examination findings General documentation guidelines:
Name of the person making the statementand their relationship to the child.
Date and time of statement
Any questions or statements made by the technician.
Use quotes where possible.
Demeanor the person making the statement.
Others present
Details surrounding the injury:
Events leading up to the injury.
Circumstances of the injury.
What happened after the injury?
Detailed head to toe physical exam
Drawings and photos if possible

If you end up in court? The lay witness:
Recount personal knowledge
What were your findings?
What did you put in the child's medical record?
How did you draw your conclusions?
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