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Video Tutorials: Lessons Learned

No description

Sean Socha

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Video Tutorials: Lessons Learned

Mistakes to avoid when creating
an online tutorial

In the beginning ....
Increasing virtual student population meant creating asynchronous library instruction
Chose Camtasia software after outgrowing free screecast options
Used YouTube to host our tutorials
Created 2 channels - 1 for testing and 1 for production
Best practice is to write a script for every video, as well as use a script template
Scripts allow for quicker editing after a video is produced
Scripting & Captions
Best practice is to insert captions right from the start
ADA compliance
Scripting videos makes captioning much easier
Open captions for international audiences
Things to consider:
Replacing or editing videos creates a new URL
Makes maintaining links difficult
Be aware of potential marketing concerns
Channel settings - private/public, etc
Reporting features are very limited
Choose your hosting site wisely - YouTube is not the only fish in the sea
Viddler - paid site, but worth the investment
Stable URLs even if a video is edited or replaced
Better mobile optimization
More robust analytics
Ability to download videos
Domain restrictions - copyright considerations
Institutional Repository
Creating an institutional repository is essential for all videos, .srt files (most common format for captions) and scripts
Maintain records of where videos have been linked, especially if using YouTube
Other best practices
Create short and sweet videos
Consistent branding from the beginning
Be mindful of establishing the best production settings your software will allow
Allows for asynchronous audio recording followed by screencapture
Get creative!
Consider series of linked videos around a topic
Explore interactive elements for videos including quizzes and surveys
Consider splicing in animation (Xtranormal, GoAnimate!) in video productions
Incorporate greenscreen technology or video footage in addition to screencapture if you have the right software
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