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Music to Your Ears: Music Reference for the Non-Specialist

Presentation by Stephanie Bonjack and Sha Towers @ American Library Assocation Annual Conference 6/25/2011

sha towers

on 21 June 2012

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Transcript of Music to Your Ears: Music Reference for the Non-Specialist

Music to Your Ears:
Music Reference for
the Non-Specialist Unique Challenges in Music A Note on Copyright Stephanie Bonjack - University of Southern California
Sha Towers - Baylor University American Library Association National Conference, 25 June 2011 Searching for Music: Scores Learning Outcomes For More Help Outcomes: Name the key questions to ask
during a reference interview Identify the most common formats
for printed and recorded music Recognize various components of classical music titles Identify resources/sites for answering music questions terminology various formats instrumentation titles chapter or book? searching the library catalog uniform titles classical scores on the web audio formats video formats printed music formats DVD
Laserdisc digital (mp3, wav, aac, streaming) tape (cassette, open-reel, 8-track) records (Lps, vinyl, 33 1/3, 45, 78) compact disc, DVD audio, DualDisc, ECD, SACD title, first line, first line of chorus:

"Rolling in the Deep"
"There's a fire starting in my heart"
"We could have had it all" Symphony no. 5
C-minor Symphony
Sinfonie Nr. 5, op. 67
Beethoven's Fifth Symphony song from a song cycle (or group of songs)
aria from an opera
song from a musical multi-language
specialized terms
vague terms ("classical", "popular")
identification schemes (catalog numbering, etc.) INSTRUMENTAL orchestral band chamber solo VOCAL choral chamber solo opera musical theater symphony
inventions anthem
art song
chorale composer's last name
keywords in title
limit by format Specific titles:
Marriage of Figaro =
Le nozze di figaro

Generic titles:
Moonlight sonata =
Sonatas, piano, no. 14, op. 27, no. 2, C# minor Form/genre:

Sonatas (piano)
Violin music
String quartets
Trios (piano, horns (2))
Concertos Type of music: Folk music, Jazz, Popular music, New age music

Type of musician: Composers, Conductors (Music), Jazz Musicians, Singers

Geographic region:Music Africa, Music India, Music United States

Time period:Music 15th Century, Music 17th Century Stephanie Bonjack bonjack@usc.edu
Sha Towers sha_towers@baylor.edu Where can you go for additional help? Today's Presenters: Music Library Assocation musiclibraryassoc.org
"Ask MLA a Question" (under "Contact Us")
Regional chapters of MLA
MLA-Listserv and Archive Searching for Music: Recordings content notes subject headings unique titles given to classical pieces to enable discoverability also used to bring multiple expressions of a single composition under one title Search content notes using keywords a great strategy for songs and pop sheet music collections! IMSLP / Petrucci Music Library (International Music Score Library Project) Public domain scores and recordings and scores free of charge 97,000 scores 2,400 recordings 5,700 composers Subscription Databases Music Online: Classical Scores Library 400,000 pages of music Over 25,000 scores Full scores, study scores, piano vocal scores, and piano reductions Public domain and in-copyright works Naxos Music Library: Sheet Music 45,000 scores Requires Solero software to view scores transcribe and listen to music classical vs. pop use uniform titles search contents notes with keywords verify title! Seriously awesome streaming databases Google AllMusic Music Online
American Song
Classical Music Library
Contemporary World Music
Jazz Music Library
Smithsonian Global Sound Naxos
Naxos Music Library
Naxos Music Library: Jazz DRAM
(Database of Recorded American Sound) Scholarly Resources Commercial Resources Rhapsody iTunes
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