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e-Safety for students, teachers & schools

For primary & post primary

eSafety Education

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of e-Safety for students, teachers & schools

in the classroom e-Safety
& the teacher e-Safety
& the School The wonders
of the Internet Shocking... Diet pill girl had colon removed
Irish InMonday Oct 22 2012

AN 18-year-old girl who bought illegal diet pills online has had her colon removed after developing a life-threatening illness.

Despite having a body-mass index of just 22 -- which is medically considered an average weight -- the teenager bought the herbal slimming agent, Botanical Soft Gel, to "tone up" for a planned sun holiday with friends.

However, complications arose after just five days on the drug and she was admitted to Beaumont Hospital in Dublin suffering from lower abdominal pain and bloody diarrhoea.

She was diagnosed with acute ischaemic colitis, a condition associated with elderly patients which causes sudden swelling of the large intestine when there is a temporary loss of blood flow.

Faced with the prospect of organ failure, she underwent emergency surgery (colectomy) to have her colon removed

Read more: http://www.independent.ie/lifestyle/independent-woman/health-fitness/girl-18-has-colon-removed-after-buying-toningup-pills-for-holidays-online-3266776.html#ixzz2ARcJODJN

e-Safety in the classroom in the school in learning in teaching e-Safety in teaching in learning The Internet is an exciting,
interactive learning tool. Like all tools
needs careful
handling "Girl (18) has colon
removed after buying
pills online"

Irish Independent
Oct 2012 Read more: http://www.independent.ie/lifestyle/independent-woman/health-fitness/girl-18-has-colon-removed-after-buying-toningup-pills-for-holidays-online-3266776.html#ixzz2ARtL9SSS
The Internet did not cause this tragedy...
We cannot blame it.
We should not "shoot the medium".
We must learn & teach digital literacy.
We must learn & teach e-safety.
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