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New and Digital Media revision

No description

Fergie Ferg

on 25 May 2018

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Transcript of New and Digital Media revision

New and Digital Media revision
Traditional Media vs NDM
Ideologies and NDM
Traditional Media vs NDM
BBC iplayer
Traditional media vs NDM
Magazines such as Empire and Vogue are investing in online content

Teen Vogue has moved completely online

Glamour magazine has gone 'digital first' and reduced to two special issues a year.

Newspapers are investing in online content - Mailonline

Some online newspapers have 'paywalls'

Ideologies and NDM
Dangers of NDM
Access to inappropriate material
Dangerous ideologies
Dangers of NDM
How is Traditional media coping?
Does NDM allow more varied ideologies
What are the negative impacts and Dangers
How are the BBC coping with:
Online subscription services (Netflix)
Increased competition
Changing audience consumption habits
Vertical integration/horizontal integration
The media has diversified into multiple online platforms - often for niche audiences.

This allows more alternative ideologies to be presented.

You could argue that this is a positive of NDM
BBC Three
Moved completely online to reflect the needs of their target audience
Social campaigns and NDM
Clay Shirky -
Networks (IE, Facebook) are “natively good” at forming groups: “Group action just got easier.“
Dangers of Cross Cultural effects and globalistation

Interfering in the politics of other countries
New and Digital media has led to more problems than solutions.

How far do you agree with this statement?
Intro - Opinion on the question
Any NDM theory
Richard Foreman
Chris Anderson
Teen Vogue
Mail Online




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