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WHIPLASH Hero's Journey

No description

Liam Swanson

on 24 May 2015

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Transcript of WHIPLASH Hero's Journey

By Liam Swanson
Period 0
New York City
Our Protagonist
Andrew Neiman
Andrew Neiman is a young aspiring musician who is struggling to be noticed in Shaffer Conservatory. He is an average student with nothing to his name, until someone pays him a visit.
Antagonist, Mentor, Herald
Terrence Fletcher
Terrence Fletcher is the most esteemed conductor at Shaffer Conservatory and he was always looking for new talent. Fortunately for Andrew, he direly wanted a new drummer. He then called upon Andrew to join his band and to learn from him. He was going to teach Andrew everything. To Andrew's misfortune, Fletcher was a mad man that had his goal set on breaking the will and drive of Andrew.
Call to Adventure
Fletcher saw that Andrew had much talent and he needed that in his band. He then approached Andrew and took him out of the lower class to join his class
Andrew was honored at first, but then he really met the man that had just taken him to hell.
Andrew accpeted the call and joined the adventure regardless.
How he was the Herald
Flecther had noticed that Andrew idolized him and that he would do anything to get into Fletcher's band. Flecther then called upon Andrew to join his band and become his student. Flecther's goal was to turn Andrew into the greatest drummer the world had ever seen.
How he was the Mentor
Fletcher's ultimate goal was to turn Andrew into an amazing drummer. Fletcher knew that Andrew had the skill and mindset for it, but he just needed to have a little push. Flecther was going to provide that push and train Andrew to be the best. No matter the risk.
How he was the Antagonist
Fletcher wanted to make Andrew perfect, but he went about it in the wrong way. What he did was effective, but he nearly broke Andrew in the process.
Crossing the Threshold
Andrew knew that as soon as he stepped in through Fletcher's door, everything would change. For better and for worse.
The Challenges
Taking First Chair
Andrew needed to prove his worth, so he quickly attempted to become the lead drummer in Fletcher's band.
He practiced for hours until he was finally better than the first chair drummer.
Fletcher had already gotten inside his mind and he would not be easy to impress.
Winning First Chair
At his first concert, Andrew misplaces the folder for the first chair drummer. When asked if he can play without the sheets, the first chair said he could not. Andrew then stepped up and said he could. He then gave it his all and became a core member of the band as the percussion first chair.
Keeping First Chair
To make things more stressful for Andrew, Fletcher called up a rookie into the class. He did the same thing with Andrew, and he wanted to threaten Andrew. He wished to replace Andrew, so he placed all three of the three drummers against each other. After hours of bleeding, sweating, and crying, Andrew came out as the victor as he earned the part. The drummers would still remain in the band in case of an emergency.
The Last Straw
On the morning of the big concert, everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. He wakes up late, his bus breaks down, he has to rent a car, and he leaves his sticks at the car rental place.
He quickly tells Fletcher that he isoing to get his sticks. While speeding back, he is hit by a truck. This does not stop him, he keeps moving.
When he finally makes it back to the auditorium, he is horribly wounded. He cannot play, Fletcher mocks him, then . . .
Refusing the Call
Andrew tackles Fletcher and yells at him for being cruel and evil. With this, Andrew quit drumming and became a laid back regular srudent.
He never turned back, but his father wanted his son to be avenged, he wanted Fletcher punished.
Getting Back at Fletcher
Andrew's father calls upon a lwyer to help file a lawsuit at Fletcher for emotionally abusing his students.
Andrew did not want to help at first, but he then saw that he wanted Flecther to pay for what he did to him.
Flecther was then fired from his job and Andrew felt victory. He became a regular starnger in New York and he had no intention of going back to drumming.
While walking through the streets of New York, Andrew came across a Jazz Club. At this club, was Terrence Fletcher. Fletcher and Andrew talk for a bit, and Fletcher offers Andrew one more chance to perform in a concert for his new band. Andrew accepts.
Looking Up
Andrew finally gets back into drumming and he goes to perform at the concert. His father is their to support him. He sits down at his seat, but then the unthinkable happens.
Terrence approaches Andrew and tells him that he knows about how he got him fired. Then the band begins to play a song that Andrew does not know, making him look horrible on stage.
The Abyss
Andrew walks off stage and his father runs up to comfort him. The band continues to play, and Flecther finally broke Andrew. All that Fletcher had worked to do, finally paid off. He broke Andrew and he got his revenge.
Just as he begins to walk out of the uaditorium, Andrew stops in his steps. He then realizes what Fletcher was trying to tell him before. He was going to be great, and he was not going to be broken. With this in mind, he begins to walk on stage. He was not turning away from his challenges, he was going to prove himself, and he was going to beat Fletcher at his own game.
Andrew went back on the stage and played a song that he knew best. He ended up surprising Fletcher and wowed the audience. The band then joined him and Fletcher closed the song powerfully. He proved that he would not be broke, but that was not enough.
Andrew had shown Fletcher, how great he was. In the process, he rediscovered his love and passion for drumming. He finally knew that he was great, but he stil had a show to put on.
Gift of the Goddess
Finally, in one final attempt, Andrew channeld all of his stength and willpower to perform the greatest musical performance of all time. Making both his father and Fletcher beyond proud.
The End
Threshold Guardian
Andrew was called to adventure by Fletcher, but it was he himself who crossed the threshold and made the inner decision if he should do it or not.
Shape shifter:
Here and in the end, Fletcher proves to be a man that only wants the best for Andrew and he mentors him through the whole journey. He put on quite a mask of brutality, but his intentions were always good.
The Rookie
The Rookie represnted all that Andrew was, but with less passion and drive. He was a lazier version of Andrew, and this angered Andrew with a passion. He saw them as similar people, but complete opposites.
Andrew refused to rise to the occasion and beat Flecther. He was too weak at this moment, and he gave in to the fear and failure. It was not over, the best was to come.
Andrew's Father
Throughout the story, Andrew's father tries to make Andrew more happy and joyful as he with the harmful and cruel Fletcher. Adding light to the story.
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