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Innovation of the Elevator

The history of the elevator

Ryneika Knight

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Innovation of the Elevator

Arielle Maes and Ryenika Knight
Intro to Engineering
Per. 1 Innovation of the Elevator A german man named Konrad Kyeser was the inventor of the first elevator. The first recorded elevator was on January 1st, 1405 It was made of a shaft, rope, and a cart to go up and down. The first elevator was kind of like a simple man made pully. A person would pull on a rope and it woud move the box up and down. US2046722-
Oct 30, 1935 Jul 7, 1936 -

Aug 27, 1969 Apr 2, 1972

Jul 22, 1983 Dec 25, 1984
Power recovery system and method for elevator apparatus

Mar 20, 1985 Apr 21, 1987
Elevator with power recovery There are very few patents on current elevators. Elevators went though many steps to
get where they are today. Elevators are used world wide, by mostly everyone. They give people who aren't well embodied an easy way to travel. It is also makes getting to different heights faster. The invention of the elevator has effected NASA. It has played a very important roll in the space elevator. However, it does not have a very big effect on the environment, the improvements of the elevator has made it every efficient. Elevators have impacted the world in some places, but others not so much. There has been over five hundred years to improve the elevator. We think they have improved them greatly. We also think that making it more eco-friendly would be a great improvement. After the first pulley elevator came the hydraulic plunger elevator. In 1853, a passenger safety was made. Its purpose was to provide safely if the rope was to break. In 1870, rope-geared hydraulic was invented. The plunger elevator was replaced because the ride was smoother and more efficient. Then in 1880, Werner Von Siemins created the electric motor. This motor was more efficient, cheaper, and traveled at a constant speed. It also replaced the hand ropes. http://www.lift-report.de/index.php/news/411/355/Environmental-Impact-Evaluation-of-Elevators-in-Their-Use-Phase





http://www.elevatorhistory.net/elevator-history/elevator-timeline/ Sources: 1405 1870 1853 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Konrad Kyeser invents first elevator Passenger safety was made Rope-geared hydraulic was made
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